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Gavin said...


My name is Gavin Griffin, I manage the digital advertising for Body Lab by Jennifer Lopez. A protein and supplement line that is tailored for a woman's body, made by women. The mommy fitness blogger world includes you and that's why I am contacting you, today.

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We have advertised with traditional CPM display models in the past and have found that our affiliate program is far more profitable for both you and us, the advertiser. We utilize Avant Link tracking on our website to facilitate partnerships with high quality sites, like yours. Body Lab has a high CR and you could be running banners and links for a 10% commission on any sale that comes from your site. That places a 30-day cookie. Having Jennifer Lopez as a celebrity sponsor is always a great boost of confidence in the product. She uses it every day and stands strongly behind it always... and if you haven't noticed lately, her results are nothing short of amazing.

Have you ever structured a deal like this as an affiliate for a product like Body Lab?

I hope to hear back from you sooner rather than later. And if I don't, great job on your fitness blog. It's fantastic.

Best and always smiling,