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Friday, September 30, 2016

Coming of Age

Pin It The age of twelve is a coming of age.  In our culture, it's when a girl transitions into a young woman.  I don't think I can say "it's hard to believe my first born is twelve" or "I can't believe I'm old enough to have a twelve-year-old" because in all actuality we are old (ha!) and a lot of wonderful things have happened since that perfect day twelve years ago.  I suppose it IS hard to believe how fast time flies.  It really does seem like yesterday that we were anticipating the birth of our first baby, had looked forward to becoming parents for a long while, it was a blissful stage of life.  I had an ideal pregnancy with Averie, was a bit sick in the beginning, but ran til the end, and worked at a job I loved.  We felt prepared (are any of us ever really prepared?) in most every way, from our loving marriage to a sweet feminine nursery to bring her home to.

  (The day we brought her home)

She was truly a beautiful baby, I had never seen anything this gorgeous.  She looked familiar to me, had my eyes, her Daddy's long arms and legs, flawless skin, and smelled delicious. 

She was super independent from the beginning and never has "needed her mama."  At first, it was confusing to me because I was so smitten and attached by her, the only time I could snuggle with her was if she wanted to nurse.  The rest of the time, she was bouncing around and figuring things out on her own.  This leads me to my first favorite thing I love about her:  

1) Her Independence.  Figuratively, she march's to the beat of her own drum and only looks back to see if we're there.  

2)  Probably my favorite of the favorite things about Averie is her free spirit.  She's the opposite of rigid, and you just have to be around her for a few minutes to witness her free spirited nature.  It's manifested in the way she moves, talks, laughs, eats, plays, dresses, and dances.  I love this most because it is different than me and I admire her for it.  This free spirit of hers was God-given, from day one.  She's not restricted by others' opinions and not weighed down by the little things in life.

3)  I love her excitement for anything and everything!  She has a zest for life that is rare because she doesn't have to try or make the choice to be excited.  Whatever emotion she is feeling at the time is felt to the 100th degree.  

4)  She is super dang funny.  In a very witty sort-of-way.  She makes adults and teachers laugh for her state-the-obvious-yet-say-it-in-a-hilarious-one-liner sense of humor.  Anyone who knows her well knows that she has some pretty funny things to say swirling around in that head of hers.  

5) She loves her Daddy and she is the apple of his eye.  They get each other.  She has always been interested in his interests and loves learning from him.  

6)  She is fearless.  A thrill-seeker for sure.  She will go on any amusement park ride the grown men will go on.  I love that she is willing to try new things and doesn't spend a lot of time worrying about what may happen.  Adventure is her middle name. 

7)  I love her beautiful long legs.  Her legs are almost as long as mine!  

8)  She has always been so creative.  When it was just her and Kempton, their imaginations were in full swing, and she has continued to lead creativity in our family.  It cannot be contained.  

9)  I love her love of learning.  Ever since she's been little, it's been so fun to teach her new things because she understands so quickly!  She is super bright, learning comes easily to her, and she enjoys it.  She's a veracious reader, is a math whiz, and retains information like a sponge.  Her memory is sharp.   But she is humble about it thank goodness.  I've always worried it would get to her head, but she never has.  

10)  She's a good example to her siblings, helping them try new things, get out of their comfort zone, do well in school, respect authority, and have their own opinions.  

11)  She has a great sense of style, but doesn't care too much about how she looks.  She's starting to enjoy girly and feminine things, but has never been one to overthink her appearance.  LOVE this! 

 12)  Her big smile.  She has a naturally "turned up" smile as we call it.  She always looks happy on her face (unless her eyes are being sassy haha) because of her big smile.  

I am so very proud to call Averie my daughter, and I'm looking forward to the woman she becomes.  No matter what she does, she's going to be amazing!!  I love you my first born!

Friday, September 2, 2016

Double Digits

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Today this boy right here turns TEN.

He’s now in the double digits, which is a pretty big deal. 
I started looking through old pictures of my oldest boy yesterday and have to share a few, along with TEN favorite things I love about Kempton as of today:

1)       His red hair.  His hair was red from day one.  There was no questioning it or wondering.  I’m biased, but I think it’s such a unique and pretty awesome color red.  

2)     He was born with a selfless heart.  I’m not sure being selfless comes naturally to most of us.  Sometimes as parents, this is a quality that we have to teach our children.  But with Kempton, he rarely thinks of himself first.

3) He knows who he is with a quiet confidence.  Hoping that my children have humble confidence is one of those things that I worry about the most.  He doesn’t spend time worrying about if he is good enough.  He just knows he’s pretty great and has a lot of to offer.  I’ve never seen him be jealous, just happy for others.  He also knows what he likes and doesn’t like.

  4) He’s a great worker.  You give him a task and he will do it thoroughly and efficiently.  I tell him how to do something or where to put something just one time and he’s got it down with very little reminding. 

5) I love his inquisitive mind.  As a toddler, he was known for asking A LOT of questions.  He kept his preschool teacher on her toes (but she loved it and would even google his questions).  Now when he asks me a question (in which I usually do not know the answer), I suggest that HE google it.  

6) He doesn’t have a mean bone in his body.  He is not aggressive, assumes the best in people, and his natural reaction is never to say or do something hurtful.  He is a mild boy and this melts my heart. 
7) He is a great friend.  All these years of him and his sisters going to school together, his sisters will tell me, “You know Kempton is the most popular boy in ___  grade?”  He wouldn’t care either way, but I don’t think there’s anyone who doesn’t like Kempton.  He is a leader and doesn’t know it.  

8) I trust him to cook in the kitchen.  He’s been making his own fried eggs for years!  He loves the steps in cooking and baking.    

9)  He loves board and card games and will try to convince anyone he knows to play with him.  

10)  He doesn’t need for much.  I know this sounds funny, but he rarely has something on his list that he wants.  He is usually aware when things are too expensive and would never demand for anything.  I suggested doing his laser tag birthday party and he said, “Mom, that’s OK.  I think that’s really expensive.”  When I told him the laser tag party was an option, he was so grateful!

I sure love this boy of mine!  So glad Heavenly Father knew I needed him.  

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Fast Forward and Rewind

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I don't think I've ever been this behind on my blog updates.  This entire year has been in fast forward but I need to rewind a bit before these memories are too fleeting to remember. we go:

Spring Break is always in the month of March.  There's usually nothing "spring" about it, but we make the most of it.  This year, we went to South Dakota to see the magnificent Mt. Rushmore.  It is pretty darn amazing.  I always wondered who would think of something so wild as to carve an American President's face into a mountain and how did they narrow it down to just four?!  You'll have to go see for yourself to discover the answer. haha

As part of our vacation plans, we had heard great things about this indoor water park that is near the historical site.  It did not disappoint, the kids had such a fun time.  It was small enough that the older two had a lot of freedom.  They went non stop down the slides.  Their favorite was called the "toilet bowl" and the description describes it perfectly!  

These trips with just our little family are what will bind us together for when our immediately family becomes our extended family.  I'll blink and that stage of life will be here.  It'll be so great, as long as we can instill in this little family of ours the importance of these eternal and God-given relationships.  

And here's a few March shenanigans up in here...

 Brenna's creative solution to cleaning the bathroom, a bobby pin nose plug.  We can count on Brenna to push through Saturday morning jobs without complaint, she's a little worker bee.  Do or die.  Ha! 

I love spending my days with this little cutie.  She entertains herself really well and is a sweet little mama to her baby brother.   

Tweening is in full force around here.  I would call this day's look "skater chick."  
She's never been tied down to one sort of fashion type.  

The Anne to my Diana.  So thankful for this friend in my life.  Friends can be as close as family.  

Then there was Easter in March.  As a family, we tried to remember the final days of the Savior's mortal ministry.  This picture garland really help to solidify what I was trying to convey to the kids.  It made Easter extra special. 

This year, the Easter bunny left edible Easter baskets.  A huge hit with the big kids.  Way too much candy if you ask me!  

We went over to spend the rest of Easter with Grandma and Grandpa and cousin Joey.  Uncle Paul and Joey planned a great scavenger hunt which was so fun for everyone.

Where you see Brenna, you'll see Brynn.  These girls are the best of friends. They are the same size and are connected at the hip.  They can read each other's minds and have each other's backs, even at this young age.  It has been fun to watch their sweet friendship. 

Brenna has a great group of friends, who will be fun to watch as the years go by.  Hopefully not too much drama with these girls!

Averie got to go cross country skiing with 5th grade.  

My beautiful baby boy, who doesn't have time to sit still for even five seconds, is a bundle of energy and extreme in his boyhood.  I can't get enough of him.  He earns the award in the family as the craziest baby-soon-to-be- toddler and we're bracing ourselves for what this may entail for our future.  But look at that face.  Impossible to resist.  

Bumps and bruises on his face at all times.  

And then there's these two spunky monkeys together!  Oh how I want to bottle this up.


Thursday, April 28, 2016

For the Love of February

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In February, there was a lot of this going on...

(messes, all over, every where) 

(babies underfoot)


(dangerous activities)

(cupboards emptied)

In February, I wanted to capture "The Day in the Life of" so that I never forget it.  I would describe this season of life as:

Hard Work

I know it will be gone in a flash, I'm really trying to savor the moments like this.  The purpose is to remember to support women who are in my situation when it is behind me, I never want to trivialize their struggles or accomplishments.  The other reason is to remember these days, all the highs and lows, and look back with sweet remembrance.

(gymnastics carpool with friend and maniac little brother)

(preschool at our house this day)

(of course somebody was sick)


(study spelling with kids)

We can't forget the Superbowl!  Probably in the running for the best holiday in this household.  We couldn't take the pressure. But the mood and our faces were much happier when the BRONCOS WON!!! 

Sunday Selfies

 Our basement is slowly coming together.

 Sister Baths

(house back to messy)

(valentines prep)

(sneaking a few treats)

(baby needs another nap)

(still working...)

(this may have sent me over the top)

(grilled cheese and tomato soup)
(getting dressed is the pits)

(the finished products)

(bath night, drinking bum water)

(more homework)

(bedtime stories)

(four down one to go, clean house while we sleep haha)

(preschool prep and DVR)

And a few additional things worth mentioning in February:

Perriton uncles and aunties came to visit

My sweet Beehives served a romantic and elegant Valentines Day dinner for two.

Averie's run-in with an exact-o-knife resulted in a trip to the Urgent Care.

 February did not disappoint...I need a nap after posting this.