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Saturday, January 21, 2017

It surely can't be!

Pin It I'm trying to wrap my mind around the fact that this little bundle of joy of ours is nine years old.  Without being too cliche, it's a hard one for her Daddy and I to accept.  You see, about 9 3/4 years ago, she was our big surprise.  Finding out we were going to have another baby so soon after having a baby was the shock of our life and it left us speechless and scared.  Kempton was only seven months old when it dawned on me that my symptoms weren't just because I was sick and tired.  It took us a while to wrap our minds around the fact that Kempton would be so tiny while I was out of commission and he would barely be walking and talking when he would become a big brother.  But...Heavenly Father knew what he was doing.  He sent us the sweetest, most delightful, red-headed adorable little package.  She was to become our true middle child, a little piece of heaven to bring her little twinkle into all of our chaos.  This big shock has become a big blessing.  I had never been so stretched as a mother before, having three children in three years was the biggest sacrifice of my life. It was the hardest work of my life.  One that taught me about perseverance, patience, love, and true joy.  It made me a better mother and a better person.  And this is why her growing up is hard to swallow, it's proof that we got through it, even thrived, and are now on the other side.

Here are nine little things I love about our surprise:

1)  Her face.  That tiny little fairy-child face of hers is the cutest thing I've ever seen.  She's literally been called a fairy-child countless of times, from all different people.  Something about it...the dimples, the round rosy cheeks, big smile, tiny solid body, speckled little freckles, and sparkle in her eye makes you think she's literally going to sprout wings and fly around, and use all kinds of fairy dust.  

2)  Her laugh is contagious.  No joke, she laughs all the time.  Wide open mouth with head held back and from the belly.  She isn't afraid to shine her light.  To us as her family, to cousins, to friends, to teachers, to complete strangers.  She just smiles and brightens up the day.  

3)  She's a little mama.  She still loves make believing she's a mommy.  She creates permanent homes for all of her babies, and is devastated if I try to clean up her baby houses.  Whenever I ask her what she wants to be when she grows up she says "A Mom."  It melts my heart to see her nurturing spirit, caring and loving all whom she can "mother."  

4)  She's got "skills"  and is very coordinated.  Anything she puts her mind to, she has the drive and the coordination.  Soccer, basketball, dance,  etc.  She has a competitive spirit and wants to do her best.  With a bunch of spunk thrown in there too.  And all the while with a huge smile on her face, even when the game isn't going her way.  

5)  Brenna is a friend to all.  She has a lot of friends who adore her.  All the years she's been going to school, her teachers have said how much everyone loves Brenna.  She tries really hard to include everyone and even when a friend hurts her feelings, she gives them the benefit of the doubt.  She thinks the best in those she loves.  This year at her parent-teacher conference, her teacher told us that "she want to put little Brenna in her pocket and carry her around with her."  In other words, she is so very likable.  See what I mean about the "fairy-child" effect? haha

 6)  She has a way of turning around any negative situation and making everyone feel happy again.  She's funny, goofy, silly, and makes us giggle all the time.  As parents we find ourselves looking at each other from across the room and laughing together and the adorable and funny things she says and does.

7) I love that she tries to do what's right.  We are always surprised when she gets in trouble, it is really painful for us to discipline her.  It does happen, but it's a rare occasion.  She has a strong conscious that helps guide her along in life.  This is very apparent when she feels remorse for a mistake she's made.  When she was little, we couldn't even look at her wrong or she would run away to her room and cry.  

8)  I love that she loves school and loves to learn.  She is a diligent student and tried her best.    

9)  She is a great receiver.  I know this sounds funny, but if you've ever given her a gift then you have witnessed her over-the-top reaction.  She truly loves everything.  You should have seen her open her party gifts yesterday.  

It is a pleasure to be her Mama.  She makes everything right in the world.  Happy birthday to our Rosy!    

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Our Fourth is Four

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 This sweet girl turned 4 in April

Kinlee is such a little piece of sunshine.  She's so sweet...and very shy unless she knows you really well.  She says hilarious and insightful things all the time, she's got spunk.  She is sensitive to others and quite the little nurturer, knows how to take care of her friends and family.  She can be stubborn and was my hardest to potty train.  And she doesn't need much sleep, stopped taking naps early on.  She doesn't get a thrill about food, unless it's "sugar things" (frosted mini wheats).  But she has never been one to throw tantrums or have fits.  She is genuinely a happy little person and it doesn't take much for her to be herself.  She just likes to ease into things.  She runs with her hands straight down by her sides (so funny) and calls the places we live Worlds, "Mommy, where is Gran's World?"

She makes me smile and laugh out loud each and every day.  Hardly do I lose my patience with Kinlee, her weaknesses and struggles are not things I can be frustrated with.  Mostly it's just that feeling of worry for her, having to watch her be brave and trust people outside of Daddy and Me.  She sure is such a joy and a big part of our family.  Love you Kin Kin!  

We had it easy this year, her actual birthday was on a Saturday so we celebrated in one swoop.  She decided on a gymnastics party with preschool friends.  She loves her gymnastics class with her cute friend Brooklyn.  The party was so fun and super easy!  

She was so sweet and hugged all of her friends to say thank you.  

Then that evening, we opened family presents from grandmas and grandpas and mom and dad.  
This is a picture of all of her presents from the day.  

Happy birthday Kinlee!  Please don't grow another day!  

Spring WAS in the air

Pin It After our normal loooooong winter, we started feeling tidbits of spring in the air.  Yay!  Mother nature usually just teases us all throughout April, May, and sometimes June.  Spring and Winter come and go.  We'll have warm days where all we need is a light jacket, then cold days where we need all the snow gear.  But one of our clues that spring is truly in the air is the 2nd grade science project.  Because we have two children that are only one year apart in school, we have done three of these projects in the last 4 years.  I have to be honest, that it is not something us as parents look forward to but that doesn't matter because it IS something our second graders have anticipated.

For Brenna's science project this year, she decided to research which baking ingredients are most important when making chocolate chip cookies entitled, "Cookie Science."

She did a great job and felt great about her finished product.  Her favorite part?  Wearing her teacher's microphone!

April always brings our church's semi-annual General Conference.  We listen and are inspired by our leader's spiritual messages.  It is something that I look forward to for sure, although admittedly so, I really only catch half of it with all the craziness with five children!  We have developed some great traditions that go along with the broadcast, making it something we can all enjoy.    

Of course our conference crepes are a highlight.

Sometimes a little snooze may happen haha! 

There is a different kind of candy in each bowl, helping the kids listen.  

And of course buddy distracts us all!  

Miss K gets pleasure out of the simple things in life, such as a play dough hamburger!  "Mom, take a picture!"

We take many trips to Cheyenne but they don't seem to mind.  Or at least at this moment they didn't.

I just want to squoosh these cheeks!

We had a few visits from fun!

Kempton had a project too, he had to make up his own instrument.  Diet Coke is a favorite around here, can you tell?  Ha! 

Like I said, one day it is warm enough for a walk in our shorts...

Then the next day it dumps several feet of snow!

 I am a big local library supporter, have been religious about taking my preschoolers each week since my oldest was a preschooler.  It is one of my favorite outings with my little ones. (sure beats grocery shopping! haha!

Our school held a "read to your parents" day, or something like that.  My kids know that with me usually comes little ones, it's just the way it is, and they don't seem to least this day.

Crazy cute baby. Oh how I LOVE this face!

All year, we have been part of a Mom's preschool.  We rotate houses and are low-key, but the kids learn social skills and hopefully some letters and numbers in the mean time.  I love these little kiddos!

One day this month, I wanted to track "The Day in the Life of Levi."  He did not disappoint:

Our wake up call

We get to ease into the morning as you can see. 

Then he hit the ground running, no chair left unturned or drawer left unemptied.

Starting with my closet, which looked nothing like this before he attacked it.

Hard to keep your taxes in order with this guy around

He emptied the clean laundry basket

 Then did it again

This happened during my daily 7-minute shower.  That's right, I time myself, and for good reason!

And that my people is why I have given up on my To-Do list

But who really cares about that with this face.

I'd say April was a success!