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Monday, November 20, 2017

Sweet September

Pin It With Averie being part of the first set of 6th graders to start at the middle school, there came with it a few fun opportunities like school sports.  She decided to do cross country and it was a great introduction to school sports.  Her and Paysen continue to be friends as they make new friends and navigate through junior high.

 Brenna decided to take more than her fair share of selfies this month. haha

 But she was not alone in her selfie obsession...

New Do...balyage retouch

Mama loves her mornings with these crazy kids.  Kinlee loves to go in to Levi's room when she hears him wake up and climb in the crib with him.  They melt my heart.  Look at these fresh faces.

They go from thing to thing, playing and laughing.  Kinlee is a very sweet sister to her Levi, they rarely fight and it's because she's so accommodating and such a little mama.  

Kempton enjoys scouts, he loves to accomplish a goal and learn new things. 

We love Sunday naps. haha

 Soccer season has begun and Levi is a natural as he watches his siblings play.

I was able to go with Brenna to one of her field trips, it's not something I've been able to do, as I've always had a little one I'd have to leave behind.  But Grandma Perriton offered to come over and watch Levi all day so that I could go.  It was a fun and special day!  Our group was just Brenna, Hallie which made it so easy to do whatever we wanted.  

 Four friends:  Hallie, Brynn, Rachel, and Brenna

We really love having my cousins Seth and Jenn nearby.  It's nice to have some of my side of the family close.  We love their family and have enjoyed getting closer to them.  It's so easy to support each other in our activities.  Just a hop, skip and a jump to spend the day with them for Sloan's blessing. 

Kinlee and Porter are sweet little cousin friends.  

 Levi smothered another baby who was there visiting.  Careful!  

September was sweet (and busy come to find out)!

A Decade with Kempton

Pin It
Kempton's big day started with his choice of breakfast, monkey bread and bacon!  Kempton is quite the foodie and knew exactly what he wanted me to make him.  One of the great things about his birthday this year was that it landed on a Friday so we could do his party on his actual birthday.

Nom Nom! 

Next he opened up his presents from Grandparents and Dad and Mom

Averie got Kempton a flat billed Broncos hat. And our favorite lawn game from Gran and Grandpa!

His main present was a brand new bike!  

He had a laser tag birthday (invitation not pictured), it was a lot of fun with his best guy friends! 

If you want to read all about my affection for my oldest son, go here.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Everything in August

Pin It It seems like we couldn't have crammed anything else into our August!  We lived it up before school started at the end of the month.  First off, Levi always keeps us on our toes!  His nature is active,  determined, and full of energy.  He loves cars and dinosaurs and likes to line up his toys in a row. 

One of the highlights of the month was Averie's first time at Young Women's Girls Camp.  This is the only picture I got of her, I don't know how that happened.  But as you can see, she had a great time!

We had been looking forward to our new temple for many months and were able to go have a tour as a family.  There were tours all throughout the month of August and September until the Cultural Celebration in October.  For me, it was a beautiful experience to go through with my children.  There was such a wonderful reverence felt by especially the oldest three.  It is a beautiful temple and I am so grateful to have a temple closer.  

Kempton and I enjoyed planting and growing our first Wyoming garden together.  Laramie can be tough for gardening and lets just say there's room for improvement. haha!  We think we may get a few brussel sprouts, some tomatoes, and a load of Kale.  But we planted MUCH more than that! oops!  Kempton was my right hand man, he tended to the garden like it was his baby.  Gardening is one of those things that teaches a lot of life's lessons and we learn a lot together. Dad called this tomato the $100 tomato that Kempton and his friend William split in half.  haha!

The "refined-palleted" Kempton and I also worked together to make homemade pickles in a jar.   They turned out delicious and we were able to mark one of the last few things off of our Summer Bucket List! 

Daddy's birthday is in August and since he's hanging on tight to his 30's, we needed to make it special.  The kids made him a candy gram, Kempton helped me make his favorite pie (coconut cream), he and I went to lunch, and we spent time just as a family.  He doesn't like a big celebration, so this was exactly what he wanted.

Instagram post- "If you know this 39-year-old man at all, then you know that never has there been a bigger stinker on their birthday than him!  Doesn't want anyone to spend money on him, doesn't want any attention, and never has anything on his wish list.  His only wish this year was that I not spend time cooking for him, that whatever I do doesn't take time or make a mess to clean up.  haha  Even thought he's a stinker, he's my stinker.  And he deserves an "I Love You" and "Am glad you were born" on his birthday.  Love you honey, and if you weren't born, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be laughing as much as I do through this crazy life!"

It's crazy how we are now old enough to have Ben be off of his mission and now married!  We had such a fun time at Ben and Kimberlee's wedding.  We don't see all of Cale's siblings all together very much but this was a great opportunity to be all together and especially support Trisha.  

That same day, we were able to witness the sealing of July to her new husband.  It was an honor to be there and see her so happy and content.  We love Julie.  It was also fun to see a few familiar faces from our Michigan days.  A sweet weekend filled with love, family, and friends.  

 Cute and Crazy their cute and funky glasses!  

At the end of the day, it's just gonna be me and him, the rock and the diamond!  
(from Ben's speech at the ring ceremony ha!)

We stayed til the end, dancing, eating, and partying with our family.

After such a fun August, we had to finally settle down and get back into the swing of things.  We started a new tradition of a back to school dinner with a Theme.   

Happy kids ready for school!

Instagram post:  "We have a middle-schooler (eek! Averie 6th) and two in the big kid wing (Kempton 4th, Brenna 3rd).  Now it's time for me to get reacquainted with my toddlers...and possibly accomplish something during the day...or maybe even have a clean house...and how bout I actually read to my babies?  LOL I'm a little giddy right now thinking of all the possibilities. ;) 

Then it was Kinlee's turn a week later.  Her first year of "real preschool" with miss Natalie.  These poses that she came up with by herself are deceiving. ;) Her body language is telling us that she can't wait to start this big chapter in her life.  But inside she is dreading it and has been worried for this day all throughout the summer.  Anyone who knows our Kinlee knows that she needs to ease into unfamiliar social situations.  There was some persuading to get her there, but she was very brave and said she had a great day!  

Being the scenes confession:  
I got the preschool start time wrong in my head so we were 30 minutes late.  #momfail