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Friday, September 2, 2016

Double Digits

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Today this boy right here turns TEN.

He’s now in the double digits, which is a pretty big deal. 
I started looking through old pictures of my oldest boy yesterday and have to share a few, along with TEN favorite things I love about Kempton as of today:

1)       His red hair.  His hair was red from day one.  There was no questioning it or wondering.  I’m biased, but I think it’s such a unique and pretty awesome color red.  

2)     He was born with a selfless heart.  I’m not sure being selfless comes naturally to most of us.  Sometimes as parents, this is a quality that we have to teach our children.  But with Kempton, he rarely thinks of himself first.

3) He knows who he is with a quiet confidence.  Hoping that my children have humble confidence is one of those things that I worry about the most.  He doesn’t spend time worrying about if he is good enough.  He just knows he’s pretty great and has a lot of to offer.  I’ve never seen him be jealous, just happy for others.  He also knows what he likes and doesn’t like.

  4) He’s a great worker.  You give him a task and he will do it thoroughly and efficiently.  I tell him how to do something or where to put something just one time and he’s got it down with very little reminding. 

5) I love his inquisitive mind.  As a toddler, he was known for asking A LOT of questions.  He kept his preschool teacher on her toes (but she loved it and would even google his questions).  Now when he asks me a question (in which I usually do not know the answer), I suggest that HE google it.  

6) He doesn’t have a mean bone in his body.  He is not aggressive, assumes the best in people, and his natural reaction is never to say or do something hurtful.  He is a mild boy and this melts my heart. 
7) He is a great friend.  All these years of him and his sisters going to school together, his sisters will tell me, “You know Kempton is the most popular boy in ___  grade?”  He wouldn’t care either way, but I don’t think there’s anyone who doesn’t like Kempton.  He is a leader and doesn’t know it.  

8) I trust him to cook in the kitchen.  He’s been making his own fried eggs for years!  He loves the steps in cooking and baking.    

9)  He loves board and card games and will try to convince anyone he knows to play with him.  

10)  He doesn’t need for much.  I know this sounds funny, but he rarely has something on his list that he wants.  He is usually aware when things are too expensive and would never demand for anything.  I suggested doing his laser tag birthday party and he said, “Mom, that’s OK.  I think that’s really expensive.”  When I told him the laser tag party was an option, he was so grateful!

I sure love this boy of mine!  So glad Heavenly Father knew I needed him.  

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