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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Oh Happy Day!

Pin It Our land was FINALLY excavated on Thursday. Let the building process begin...

Standing in the garage:

Standing in the basement:

Hotty husband:

One of the red dirt piles. I can't believe I'm excited about dirt.

Footers in:

Back door view:

Front door view:

Blurry, but pretty view of the ridge.
This week, we requested bids for exterior doors and all windows. It's important to visualize the finished product because windows and doors DO effect the look of the home. I don't want them to clash with our stucco and stone decision.
These were some of my thoughts this week about windows: where do we find the best deal? crank vs. slider windows, what to put in the basement? How many rooms will we want in the basement? This will effect the amount of windows. What details do I want on the window? grid pattern or lines? Almond, white, or sandstone color? What size in each room? How about transom windows? Should we put windows in the garage? How many?
And doors: standard size or tall front door? Glass or no glass? What design? How about a transom? What about a side window? How do I get what I like for the best deal? What design for the back glass door?
I was dreaming about windows and doors this week and think I have everything narrowed down. Feel free to comment your opinion, there are things I may not have considered.


Ponczoch Family said...

So exciting! I love all of the red dirt... makes me miss 'home'. I have no window advice, but I'm convinced that whatever you choose will look amazing.

Laker Family said...

I'm so excited for you...not too much longer! We have casement windows (crankouts) and I don't love having the screens on the inside which you have to have with crankouts. I'm sure everything you choose will be beautiful, so much fun!!!!

Tami said...

How exciting! I am so happy for you! It looks like you guys are doing well. You have such a cute family!!

Heidi Best said...

So exciting! The views are beautiful! I am jealous of your basement! :)

Clarke and Kamie said...

ooh, I am jealous! I loooved building our house. can't wait to see the progress.

Jill said...

Holy cow - all the window details! You've got me all stressed out!

I bet you are loving every minute of this house design/building process. You have such an eye for detail, and I'm sure it will be adorable when it is done. Please keep sending pictures of the progress - it is fun for me to live vicariously!

RedWarthen said...

Very exciting!! I loved building our homes, and look forward to doing it again some day. One thing we found was that really big windows (like 5X5 or 5X6 feet) are hard to open if they are sliders, but I do like sliders better than crank outs. Good luck with all the decisions!!

Washington Hills said...

Awesome. Good luck!