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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Brenna...2 days old

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We came home from the hospital today. Our first day of life at home was very busy, but very happy. Averie and Kempton LOVE their new sister and want to hold her constantely. That's ok because Brenna wants to be held continuelly. She is such a sweet baby and so tiny. Her bruised and swollen face (from her speedy trip down the birth canal) are fading, we are slowly able to see what she looks like!

Kempton kept laughing whenever he would hold Brenna, it was so cute!

Averie is the BEST big sister and is so sweet with Brenna. She wants to hold her all the time and is already mommy's helper.

She is swimming in her newborn outfit. My other babies were almost 8 pounds so I bought accordingly...oops!

This is the only picture we have of Brenna with her eyes open.

A view of all of her hair, we're not sure what color it is?

She has a cute dimple on her right cheek.

Brenna loves her cousin Maci...

...and her cousins Kylie and Jake!

An addict?

We wish we lived closer to you all so that we could share this special time with all of you! Thank you all for your love, support, phone calls, and messages. We have a wonderful family and incredible friends. We love you all!

Cale and I are tired, maybe Brenna will let us sleep? Off to bed, wish us luck!


Marcie said...

Suzette, she looks just like you!!! I can't believe it. I love the dimple. I really want to meet her.

Nicole said...

Suzette, She is amazing!!! and so beautiful. I am so happy for all of you. Please let me know if I can do anything for you.

Forrest & Jennie said...

The dimple is adorable. I wish I was there to snuggle with her. I need a sweet little girl just like her!. Love you guys.

Bergen Blog said...

HEr dimple is so adorable! And the paci addict picture is too funny :)

The Little's said...

What a beautiful baby! Good luck with three!

Ponczoch Family said...

Brenna already looks like she belongs in your family, especially in the picture with her eyes opened. What a beautiful baby! Congrats.

Peterson Family said...

OH.....she is gorgeous! So jealous of the dimple! We miss you soooo much and want to see you all so bad!

Muse said...

Hi Suzette! I wandered over from Ryan's page - congrats on the new addition. Your family looks beautiful!

Hope all is well..

Stacey :)

Quinn said...

Suzette she is absolutely beautiful! What fun pics with her siblings, too! How fabulous!