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Saturday, January 5, 2008

The mind of a three year old

Pin It Before I forget, I want to record some funny things that have come out of Averie's mouth lately.

Averie is standing on a tall kitchen chair...
Cale: "Averie, get down from there, I don't want you to fall and hurt yourself."
Averie: "Daddy, it's not as big as a deal!"

Cale and I discussing our financial New Year's resolutions, Averie is obviously listening intently.
Suzette: "Cale, what would you like to do to be more involved in our finances?"
Cale: "I don't know, maybe I could be responsible for paying all the major bills? You can just keep doing what you're doing."
Suzette: "Hmmmm, I really don't want you to SABOTAGE my system."
Averie: "Mommy, did you say SANTA CLAUS?"

1 comment:

The Little's said...

Man, Kids are funny! I keep thinking that I need to tape record my kid's voices...