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Monday, July 7, 2008

Visit with Josh and Marcie

Pin It This was our first stop on our 10-day trip out west. We stayed several nights with Josh and Marcie, of course staying up way too late after all the kids went to bed. We have yet to learn that the kids get up early regardless of when we get to bed. Mostly Josh was determined to convince Cale that "The Office" is a very funny show. He was convinced.
The best part of the trip was watching Liam and Kempton play together. They were really fond of each other and Kempton wanted to be around his cousin as much as possible. It was so sweet, Marcie found them upstairs laying next to each other on a bed with their heads on the same pillow. I know from experience that cousins can be your best friends, so I look forward to watching these boys grow up together.
Averie of course had fun with the boys, but really hit it off with Daisy. Daisy was so sweet to put up with all of Averie's affection. She even had a nap one day with Daisy and the sweet little dog let Averie hold her the entire nap. We would possibly consider getting a dog if we could guarantee one as well behaved as Daisy.
Cale and Josh had an unexpected visitor. Dad Perriton stopped in on his way home from a race and got to spend all of the day with his boys and grandkids. Definitely an added bonus.
Unfortunately, we didn' t get any pictures of me going down the zip line at Marcie's Dad's house. Last time we were there I was pregnant so I missed out, but I got up the nerve to go twice, if you can believe it. I'm usually pretty wimpy with these sorts of things, but mostly wanted to impress Cale. I think he was impressed.
Thank you Josh and Marcie for your wonderful hospitality. We will have lots of fun memories from our stay with you.

We took the kids to the carnival and (just like their mothers) they couldn't get enough of the cotton candy! You may think we planned these matching Hawaiian shirts for the boys. No, Marcie and I just have the same great taste!

Josh and Marcie took us to a fun place with a ton of bounce houses. The kids had a blast.


The Michigan Skeehans said...

So cool! I'm bummed you weren't able to get pics of the zip line - but just the description sounds sketchy enough - so kudos to you!

I hope you are able to get a lot of R&R along with those late nights! It seems like such a challenge to get to bed at a decent hour on vacation with family. There's just too much fun to be had.

Marcie said...

We can not wait to see you guys in just a few days!!! We had so much fun with your family. We really need to live closer ot each other!!!