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Friday, October 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Goosey!!

Pin It Cale has called her "Goosey" from the time she was a baby. I'm not sure why, but it is very sweet.

I know her fifth birthday has passed, but I have been wanting to post some of my memories about our first born:

When Averie was placed on my chest for the first time right after birth, she looked familiar to me. I knew I had seen her before. She starred into my eyes as if she knew me too. I remember thinking that she was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

A few days old

She was incredible aware of her surroundings from such a tiny age. The first week of life, she was alert and awake most of the time and would look around intently. Averie loved to nurse, so much that she NEVER took a bottle or binky! She also wanted to be held and fed all through the night. This lasted throughout the first year.

Averie's temperament as a baby was very delightful. She loved to smile and talk talk talk. She was a quick learner and stayed focused when trying something new.

About 4 months

7 months

She inherited her Daddy's sense of humor, memory, blond hair, and long legs. She has my eyes, need for the social, and awareness. She is carefree and artistic, determined and athletic.

1 year

18 months

She has always seemed older than her age.

2 years

She is a "chameleon" and adapts well to her surroundings. And incredibly independent. I have often wondered if she even needs me!

2 1/2 years

Tom Boy and Girly Girl. Never worries about getting dirty or hurting herself. She is adventurous and last minute, sometimes a little flighty. She can run with the boys or play princess with the girls. She is willing to try anything and is fearless.

3 years

4 years

Before I was a parent, I always thought that my children would be like me. I was wrong, and have gained a testimony that each of us come to this earth with our own personality and spirit. This is why "parenting" is the hardest, most fulfilling, and rewarding job on earth. Our Heavenly Father designed families this way, so that we can reach our full potential. I was sent each of my children so that I could learn from them.

Averie is very different from me, but she has many qualities that I wish I possessed.

Happy Birthday Averie! Mommy loves you!


April, Marcie and Tara said...

I love Averie. Something that has always stood out to me is how well behaved she is. She is soooooo obedient but still a kid (if that makes sense). I have also notices what a quick learner she is.
Suzette, I LOVE your new blog!!! Love it, love it, love it. I think we need to update our computer because I am not able to leave a comment on it. Keep posting!!!

Scott and Becky Burdick said...

Such a sweet post, and such a sweet little girl. You are a wonderful mommy!

Summer said...

Maci said she had the best dream the other day that she and Averie saw each other again! She woke up so happy and it brought back good memories! Happy b-day Averie!

Anonymous said...

Suzette, what wonderful memeories...five years is amazing, it seems like I have known Averie so much longer than that! Thank you for bringing her into my life as well! -Elizabeth

Clarke and Kamie said...

such a cute post. she is so darling.