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Monday, October 25, 2010

Six years ago...

Pin It ...Averie joined our family. She brought nothing but joy and happiness to our life. We were so ready for our little girl! Averie came to this earth fearless, ready for the adventure and challenge. Her enthusiasm is unlike anything Cale and I have ever seen. Her smile is big and her spirit is even bigger.

She loves people,
she loves learning,
she loves her family,
she loves imagining,
she loves being active,
you name it, she loves it!
(except for making her bed and could care less what she looks like)
Happy Birthday Ginga!!!

Averie invited 7 of her friends to a birthday Tea Party.
Just the girls and me, it was SUCH a fun time.


The girls took the Tea Party very seriously. They had perfect manners and were very poised and proper.
I was their server for the evening and I couldn't help but smile while hearing all the fancy talk!

Instead of tea, there was lemonade Koolaid in the teapot (I didn't add the sugar). They added the desired amount of sugar cubes to sweeten their lemonade.
They got to take home their personalized tea cup.

Tablescape for 8 proper ladies

Gift bags

Strawberry Torte
Along with the Tea Party, we played "Pass the Parcel," decorated cookies, and had a fancy dress-up relay race.

We then had a family party
And she celebrated with her class.
Something for the memory books: Averie wanted brownies for her school birthday treat, so I spent time making heart-shaped brownies with pink frosting. I get to the school 15 minutes early and life is calm. While I was driving, the two 9x13-inch glass dishes must have shifted in the back because when I went to open the trunk, one of them shattered on the ground in the parking lot. So I had two options: I could go in with 10 heart brownies, not enough for everyone and we could cut them in half (LAMO) or think of something FAST! The first thing that popped into my head was "ROOTBEER FLOATS" so that's what I went with. I raced to the store, purchased the ingredients and raced back, only about 5 minutes late. Averie did ask about the brownies, but I showed her one with glass in it and she got over it. Luckily she is my chid who does well with change!


Forrest and Jennie said...

Suzette - This is adorable! I love the idea of the girls adding their own sugar cubes to their lemonade. So creative. Love the tissue paper poms - did you make them? Love you - hope to see ou this weekend.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE all the descriptions you write about your kids, Suzette. they are always so upbeat and glowing with compliments and love. They will surely read this one day and beam with delight at all the wonderful ways you talk about and describe your children. Wouldn't this world be a lovely place if all children were cherished as much?

Peterson's said...

The party was SO cute! Great job suzette! I can't believe Averie is only 6....I swear she is 7!

mamapickle said...

love all the party decor! Such a cute and Fancy idea.I may have to steal it for my fancy girl one year :)