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Sunday, April 17, 2011


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I feel like my kids eat, breathe, and live to draw. They go through loads of paper every day and I am constantly picking up markers, crayons, papers, pens, pencils, glue sticks, and scissors off the kitchen floor. When it comes right down to it (even though messes make my blood boil), I really don't mind because I enjoy seeing their inspired creations.

Averie is the leader in this area, but Kempton is following suit. The other day, I came across this drawing by Averie. It's a picture of Averie with Daddy and Mommy. Cute!

Underneath it was this drawing, also of Averie with Daddy and Mommy. Different artist, same exact drawing. Right down to the color choices. The other night I went in to the girl's room to turn off the closet light and couldn't really open the door because there was something in my way. We hear these sweet sisters giggling and singing almost every night. Sometimes we are tempted to go quiet them down, but stop ourselves because we can hear their pure joy. Usually when I go into their room to turn out the lights I see Brenna in her bed surrounded by books, books that her older sister read to her. This brings me pure joy. The other day when I asked Brenna to clean up her mess so I could vacuum the living room floor, I came back in the room a few minutes later to find this version of picking up her toys. Not exactly what I had in mind!

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