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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Coupon Craze: My Concern is Health

Pin It I'm a "moderate" when it comes to coupon shopping. I feel that couponing can be a very very bad bad thing because there are more coupons for sugary, fatty, processed, and packaged food items than healthier food. When I watch the coupon show, it almost grosses me out because their carts are filled with packaged food such as fruit snacks, sugary cereal, granola bars, crackers, etc.

On the other hand, couponing can also be a good thing! As long as you set a boundary to only purchase healthy items, then it can be very beneficial to the budget.

Here are few of my tips when coupon shopping:

1) If you are moderate and healthy couponer, stick with online coupons. There is no need to waste time with the ads in the newspaper. The majority of these coupons are processed and packaged foods, so I have learned it is pointless to go through all this kind of effort just for a few whole grain cereal coupons.

2) My favorite coupon website is (of course) The Krazy Coupon Lady. I look at her website and filter out what I need for the week.

3) Make a plan before shopping. Here is my plan in a nutshell: (1) Look at the ads and first make a list of produce and meat that is on sell. (2) Go to the coupon website and look at the sales. (3) Print the coupons you would like (it is so easy, she lists them for you). (4) Write a detailed list for each store. (5) Don't forgot your coupons! I've done this before.

Each week, I plan to share my couponing plan with you, hopefully saving you time and energy! Mind you, I only do couponing at Albertsons and Safeway (sometimes Walmart) because this is all we have.

Click here if you would like a PRINTABLE PLAN


Albertons spiral sliced ham- $1.99/lb

Fresh yams-$0.58/lb

Fresh broccoli crowns or cauliflower-$1.99/lb

Albertsons frozen bagged vegetables-$1.00


Strawberries- B1G2 free

Fresh Express salad blends- B1G1 free

Kellogg's Raisin Bran, 20 oz. - $1.99

$.70/1 Kellogg's Raisin Bran Cereal- (

This week there wasn't much for actual "couponing" but a few things on sale that you may need for Easter dinner. Leave a comment if you print!

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