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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

June Happenings

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We came home from vacation and had the entire summer ahead!  We had lovely weather in June, it was hot enough to spend a lot of time outside.  We usually have an outing each day.  Could be the splash park, rec center outdoor pool, park, playdates with friends, wade pool, library, or summer movie series.   

We went Rhino riding with our good friends, the Scotts.  The kids loved it and were squeezed together in the back.  It was super fun! 

Cale continues to make progress on the basement with the help of his best friend Kempton.  He spends until the wee hours of the morning working.  He is completely done with the electrical, now on to the surround sound system.  

There were a few rainy days in June, so we find ways to occupy our time.

We love our baby Kinlee.  She is such a happy baby and smiles on demand.  I captivated these pictures of her one morning right right when she woke up.  

Brenna finds some of the fanciest attire and is such a fashionista.  It's hard not to giggle when I see her in all of her get-ups.   

So far we have had the perfect summer! 

Now... if only we could actually get out the door before noon!  I am finding that with four kids home I am on my feet all day and working hard every minute tending to their needs or I'm taking them here and there making sure they have a memorable childhood, but getting absolutely nothing checked off my To Do list.  I'm realizing I'll need to wait for school to start again to be productive and accomplish anything. 

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