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Sunday, September 9, 2012

{Orlando Parthenon}

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 Our summer ended with a bang!  Cale earned another trip with his company, he was #1 in his division for Wyotech's student retention rates this last fiscal year, along with keeping budgets blah blah blah.  This year Parthenon was at a resort in Orlando.  We contemplated bringing the kids but the event is mostly for grown-ups.  Since baby needs her mama (and mama needs her baby), we came up with a way to still be able to go:  We brought my sister-cousin Jennie.  It worked out perfectly because Jennie entertained me while Cale was away at his "meetings" a few hours each day and then she watched sweet Kinlee so that we could party it up at night and have quality couple time.   

The hotel was fabulous, with tons of pools, lazy rivers, golf courses, etc, etc, etc. 

The first night his company rented out Orlando's Hardrock hotel, where there was tons of delicious food. 

We spent the next day exploring Downtown Disney, then the following day enjoying those gorgeous pools.  Kinlee LOVED the water and fell asleep in Cale's arms while we swam the lazy river (pictures to come).

Jennie and I always take these sorts of pictures, like 100 of the same pose.  We never can agree on which one to use because usually one or the other of us looks hideous.  Ha!  Notice how this one only shows half of my face.

Here's Ms. Smiley again

We had two night events, one dressy and the other formal/black tie.  This was the dressy night, formal pictures to come.  Cale looked so handsome!

We had such a fun time on our trip (We can't thank Jennie enough for being willing to come)!  It was just the right amount of relaxation, excitement, and time away.
 It sure helped to know that our three precious sweeties were in good hands.  They had the best time with Grandma Perriton, and (she told us) they behaved super well.  Grandma kept them very busy and spoiled them with attention and activities.  We are indebted to Grandma and Grandpa for their help, we would not have gone if it weren't for them.  We sure did miss our little Monkeys though!  

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