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Sunday, December 9, 2012

She's a Maniac, Maniac!

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I find it hard to believe that Kinlee is now 7 months old.  In my heart she is still my newborn, but obviously she is way past that.  I do adore this stage, when my baby becomes a "real person."  

Her older brother and sister will say, "It's like she's a real person!" 

 I kid you not when I say that my entire day is devoted to making sure my baby doesn't choke or hurt herself.  She moves FAST all over the house and I have to be on top of my game and completely aware of what she is doing at all times.  She puts everything in her mouth, climbs up on everything, and gets herself into some interesting binds. 
She gets into this "Downward Dog" position and when her feet are bare, will walk this way.   

She is into everything!

Such a cutie patootie, and is such a smiley one (as long as she isn't tired)

 Look at this mischievous little face

We found her underneath the Christmas tree yesterday.

 At 7 months old, Kinlee is:

*Pulling herself up onto things.
*Crawling a mile a minute.
*Tiny like her big sister Brenna, but not AS tiny (at least she makes it on the charts).  Her head, hands, and feet are especially small. 
*Has two bottom teeth.
*Shares a room with big brother.
*Sporadic with her sleep schedule after teething and being sick with a cold (she was doing so well :( ).
*Loves bananas, oatmeal, yogurt melts, and squash. 
*Rarely sits still.
*Won't fall asleep in your arms, but loves her bed.  She has a great routine and is a good napper in the afternoon. 
*Busy busy busy!
*Has big eyes (color still undecided, probably hazel) that are full of expression.
*The other night we were with some friends and someone asked who she looked like.  Everyone else blurted out "Suzette, duh!"  So I guess it's true, she does look a lot like Mommy. 
*Has the cutest dimples (like sister Brenna).
*So irresistible and adorable.
*Still smells delicious. 
*Flaps her arms vigorously to music.
*Smiles with her mouth wide.
*Loves bath time. 
*Does a cheesy "funny face" on demand.  Haven't caught in on camera yet.
*The center of attention!  We can't get through anything serious (like family prayer, scriptures, sacrament meeting, or bedtime stories) without older siblings giggling at something she does. 

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Eardley Fam said...

She is such a doll!! I LOVED your Christmas card on facebook-did you design it in photoshop? What a beautiful family you have. So I wanted to talk to you about my new years resolution of losing weight. Can we email?? My email is brookee89atgmaildotcom.