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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Brenna's Pillow Pet Party

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Brenna's idea for her birthday party this year kind of threw me for a loop.  I searched for ideas and came up empty handed.  With how popular pillow pets are, I thought for sure there would be something out there to help me.  No such luck.  So this is what this Mama came up with.  And it seemed to be everything she dreamed of.  Good thing my girl is easy to please!

 There are lots of pillow pets around here, but I was relieved when she requested the ladybug.  This seemed manageable (if by "manageable" it means working until the wee hours in the night).  I got really excited after Cale came into the kitchen to check out the finished product and started doing his high-pitched laugh.  He said some really sweet things to me, making me even more excited for Brenna to wake up the next morning to this:
This year I bought a helium tank (at Walmart) and filled the balloons myself. 
Soooo much easier and definitely worth it.  Each kid got to take a balloon home with them.
All of Brenna's guests brought their pillow pets (look at this pile!) and dressed in their jammies too.  They were such great kids the entire time, making it so much fun for me to play with them. 
We sang "The Pancake Man" and then enjoyed making our own for lunch. 
 The kids thought it was so funny that we were having breakfast for lunch.  Who heard of such a thing?  I mean, breakfast for dinner is reasonable, but for lunch?  So silly!
We played musical pillow pets, where the only boy in the group won. 
We made sleeping masks so that we can all get our much-needed beauty rest. 
We decorated mask-shaped foam with foam stickers, jewels, and tied with a ribbon. 

{I fed paper bags through the printer and held with mini clothespins.  Bags were filled with mini sugary cereal with spoons attached, flavored milk straws, eggs and bacon made out of pretzels, white chocolate, and yellow M&Ms.  Not shown but included were twisty straws and a sheet of brightly-colored stickers for each child.}
And here is the birthday girl, beaming from ear to ear, after being a gracious host and center of attention at her very own pillow pet party! 


Anonymous said...

Amazing!!! You did an awesome job...she has sooooo many reasons to be beaming...Kellee

Anonymous said...

Seriously, you are the best mama I know! Love Birthday Girl Brenna! -Elizabeth

Anonymous said...

I hope to make a puppy pillow pet cake for my son's birthday. Yours came out very cute. What size cake pans did you use? Thanks!

john said...

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