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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Coo at 9 months

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Kinlee is definitely the center of attention around here.  We can't get through anything serious (family prayer, disciplining the big kids, church, etc.) without giggling at something she is doing.  Since her birth, we've had many-a-conversation with the big kids about how "there is a time and place to be serious, and a time and place to be silly."  But there's no use.  She is just too dang cute and such a ham, and she knows it.

We can tell her mind is moving a mile a minute, she is trying her hardest to keep up with big brother and sisters.  One evening after watching Brenna wear her princess crown, I observed Kinlee's determination to be like big sister. 

At nine months, Miss Coo:
*Has the cheesiest crooked smile, melts my heart every time.
*Kicks her left leg when Daddy holds her in his "arm chair".  It's similar to a puppy wagging it's tail.
*Knows her name.
*Crawls super fast, especially when we say "bath bath!"  Daddy loves to give her a bath, and doesn't let Mommy do it!
*Is still into everything.  It's much easier to empty and load the dishwasher when she is napping!  She is especially into Brenna's dollhouse.  If I can't find her for a few seconds, I can always count on her to be in the girls' room playing with the dollhouse. 
*Loves to explore the house.  I have learned to shut every single door so that I can keep track of her and make sure she doesn't hurt herself. 
*Is very adventurous.  You love to rough house and play games.  She knows them so well that she will initiate the game that she wants to play.
*Screeches in excitement when she sees someone she knows.  I help in big brother and sister's classrooms and she gets soooo excited when she sees them.  And can't contain her excitement if Daddy comes home for lunch.
*Recently became shy around people she doesn't know.  She will just stare at them with her big brown eyes.
*Repeats Daddy with "Dadadadada"
  *Eats everything offered (Loves what we have for dinner when we mash it in the food processor.  Definitely prefers that over packaged baby food).
*Is petite with a grown-up face and lots of hair.
*Is a good little napper, will nap in the morning for 1 1/2 hours and then in the afternoon for several hours.
*Is walking with a walker, stands up on everything and uses just one hand to balance.
*Pretends to choke for attention, she will cough really loud.  Mommy is so paranoid about choking and runs at her beck and call.  I'll reach her and she will do her big cheesy grin. 


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