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Monday, January 14, 2013

I {Heart} Santa

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Our Christmas Eve began with a little drive around town to look at the Christmas lights.  This proved to be very tricky because once the kids get in a warm dark place, they can't help but fall asleep.  

We then got home and had our traditional Christmas Eve dinner of sun-dried tomato pasta.  It is very festive with red sun-dried tomatoes and green fresh basil (along with chicken, onion, garlic, and Parmesan cheese).  Someday I'll post the actual recipe.  We paired our pasta with garlic bread and roasted asparagus this year.

{I'm still working on getting everyone in focus with no-flash indoor shots.  Bare with me.}

We then opened our matching Christmas jammies and slippers.  Kempton loved that he and Daddy matched, the girls loved their tutu jammies, and I was the odd man out.  

I love these cute kids!

The girls..........................and the boys.

We then got a little more serious and used our puppets to read and sing the Nativity from the scriptures.  It's fun that our oldest two our now great readers, makes the narrative more meaningful.  

Then it was time to open our last book for the month, "The Night Before Christmas"  

And of course we left some goodies for Santa and his reindeer.
Then off to bed the children went, and as they were being tucked in, they heard Santa's bells flying over our house.  This year Brenna wasn't scared, but she did cry in fear that Santa wouldn't come back around again after seeing our lights still on. 
Then I snuck out after Santa to capture the loot.  

Oh what sweet memories for years to come!   

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