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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Your Sugar Situation

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The information in this video will change your life, so I beg you to please watch the entire clip.  It explains the science behind how Added Sugar wreaks havoc on our bodies.  It explains this in a way that is easy to understand. 
This clip claims that the information is new, but I found much of this "new information" in my nutrition textbooks.  It really is just common sense.  We all know that Added Sugar is bad for us, this is not breaking news my friends. 
In 12 minutes, watch and learn the science behind how:
Added Sugar and High Fructose Corn Syrup are the same thing! 
Added Sugar is just as bad for our hearts as a fatty cheeseburger!
Eating a "balanced diet" means reducing our Added Sugar!
Added Sugar leads to cancer.  Meaning, if you have cancer, you should avoid sugar.  If you don't want cancer, you should limit your sugar! 
How sugar is as addictive as cocaine!
Why I don't consume a lot of Added Sugar!
Don't get me wrong, I'm not a sugar prude.  I believe in the rule "Moderation in all things," but moderation to me means "a little on the weekend after I've refrained all week."  Added Sugar is not a part of my every day life for many reason, all of which were discussed in this video.  I hope it motivates you to gain control of your sugar situation.   

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