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Monday, June 3, 2013

Let's Not Forget Easter!

Pin It My sister-in-law Chelsea sent me these pictures from Easter, we had both forgot about them.  So I am definitely backtracking, but needed to post since I definitely want them in our family scrapbook.  I am still much into transferring this blog into our family journal.  Blogging the details of our life has been a huge blessing, it has been so fun to look back (currently working on 2008), there is no way I would remember anything that I wrot.

Back to the point of this post.  Shawn, Chelsea and girls came to visit for Easter break and we had lots of fun.  It was very low-key, we mostly we just let the kids play while we had adult conversation.  We did a lot of eating, sitting, laughing, and talking.  The kids loved being left to their own demise.  But those are the things that make up a childhood.  That's pretty much what I remember as a kid with my cousins.  Our parents had no idea what we were doing, they were just laughing and talking loudly in the living room.  My cousin Megan and I played in Granny's food storage room for hours, or made up (amazing) musicals to perform.  And Jennie and I played in the field in my back yard, or organized her bucket of lip gloss.  :)  Our parents had no clue what we were doing or where we were.  Those were the days!  And that is exactly what our kids did, they probably would have been annoyed if we tried to entertain them.

Again. Back to the point of this post.  The Daddy's took the kiddos to an Easter egg hunt on Saturday.  Then on Sunday we got in our Easter Sunday best and went to church.  We had about one minute to take pictures of our cute matching kids.

Whenever I'm around my sister-in-law Chelsea, I seem to just put all the pressure on her for picture taking.  Even though I have a decent camera, I just sit back and relax and let the professional do all the work.  haha

Lots of Girly Make-Believing.  I love their expressions!

Before church, the kids searched for their Easter baskets throughout the house.

Kempton's completely outnumbered.  You can see it on his face.  haha 


Then it was time to rush to get ready for church.  Matchy Matchy!

Then after church, The Daddy's hid Easter eggs for a fun hunt.  They had gone to a local hunt, but were trampled over by big kids so we did our own in the back yard. 

Kempton was very chivelrous and helped Callie out of the window well.
We love it when family comes to visit!  It was the perfect long weekend. All it was missing was a little run with my brother. 

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