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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Best Way to Kick Off Summer Break

Pin It Our summer break began with a visit from our cousins.  We were able to tend them while their parents had a getaway to Cancun.  The kids had the best time together, there was never a dull moment.

Averie and Kempton had their last day of school so we took a little walk across the field to meet them.

My second grader and kindergartner:

These two were hilarious together.  They each had the same bunny stuffed animal, and are both very attached to their bunny. They would be holding their own bunny but see the other baby with a bunny and want the other baby's bunny, even though they had their own bunny.  They took turns snatching each other's bunny and running away as fast as their little legs could move with two bunnies.  Then of course the other baby would run after the stolen bunnies. I couldn't help but laugh and egg them on.  

There was hours and hours of outside play.  Paige couldn't get enough of the four-wheeler.

These two BCF (best cousins forever) loved their alone time.  They wrote stories, sang songs, and sketched for hours and hours.  I hardly ever saw them, they were in their own little world.

Sprinkler time during baby sister's naps!

Taylin walked around with this helmet hat on...too cute.

We had a personal meet and greet with Denver Bronco's Mitch Unrein.  Look how gigantic he is compared to Cale.  NFL material for sure.  Cale was the most giddy about this of course.

Trying to get seven crazies to cooperate for the camera proved to be impossible:

Even though Kempton is trying to hide it, these are such cute cousins who love each other. 

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