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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Fourth of July

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We had a great fourth of July! To start off the day, we went to Clarkston's parade in the morning with our good friends, the Littles. This is always so fun because the entire community shows up. Plus they pass out ice cream bars and lots of candy! The rest of the day included a BBQ with friends. We enjoyed watching fireworks on a boat with friends who live on a lake. The fourth of July has become one of our favorite holidays!

Ethan (He is Averie's "prince charming." Daddy was de-throned. Ethan always talks about marrying Averie. It's starting way too soon!) and Morgan Little with Averie at Clarkston's parade.

Averie and Kempton in their fourth of July attire. I wanted to get a picture before there were goobers all over their shirts!
Cheese! Averie is striking some poses for mommy. She is such a little lady!

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Jackmans said...

What a cute fam! I hope it's okay I just added your blog to our links on our blog so I'll stay updated on you all! You guys look great!