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Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Big 3-0!

Pin It After creating a playlist of some of our favorite music, we realized that we are getting old. In fact, today is Cale's 30th birthday. 30 came incredibly fast...seriously! Lucky for him, Cale still looks like he just turned 25. While in St. Louis for work, his trainees guessed him much younger than 30. Must be nice, to have the "looks" of a 25-year-old with the mind of 40-year-old! Anyway, our taste in music definitely ages us. Maybe some of our taste in music will age some of you! We were trying to think of current music that we absolutely LOOOOVE, but not much came to mind. This may be because our music listening is dictated by a little brown-eyed-girl whom prefers the sounds of "Wheels on the Bus" to Fergie.

1 comment:

Ponczoch Family said...

Wow... Cale is certainly old! Love the playlist... I wish country music were popular in Chile!