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Friday, October 19, 2007

San Antonio

Pin It While Cale was in Venezuela for a two-week assignment, Averie, Kempton and I visited my parents in San Antonio. This helped to pass the time away from daddy, we were all spoiled with love and attention. Then Cale joined us at the end for a little vacation and relaxation. Cale's travel schedule has been very intense lately, so this was a great way of making life not so unbearable for our family.

Averie enjoyed playing dress up with mommy's old costumes. She was Strawberry Shortcake, Wonder Woman, Snow White, or any combination of the three.

Averie is "blowing her horn just like angel Moroni." "Grandma and Grandpa with black hair" live extremely close to the San Antonio Temple, we would pass it many times traveling here and there. Averie loved talking and singing about it any time she would see it, she already knows she is going to marry daddy or Ethan Little in the temple. Sorry Averie, daddy is taken.

Kempton could not contain his excitement when he saw his daddy for the first time after two weeks. He squeeled like I've never seen him squeel before. Cale was just happy Kempton recognized him.

We loved the San Antonio River Walk! It has such a unique downtown atmosphere. It also happens to be the place Cale and I both experienced our most embarassing moment in life so far.

Averie loves to "drag and click" on Maybe I should put her in charge of our family's blog.

The Texas Alamo

As a conclusion to Averie's third birthday, Gran and Grandpa took her to a Build-a-Bear Workshop. Averie absolutely LOVED it, she chose the most frilly feminine outfit and shoes in the entire store! Averie named her "Tinkerbear."

Kempton loves eating, especially if he can use his fork to pick up his own food and put it in his mouth. He is so proud of himsef as you can see in this picture. He looks so grown up, especially with his new haircut!

This could have been an enjoyable dinner at the local Sonic had there not been 20 buzzing bees trying to eat the children!

It was nice to have grandpa to "rough house" with while daddy was away.

This pictures was taken after a full day of airport travel. Even with two flights and one layover, Averie and Kempton did incredibly well. Kempton even stayed asleep during both landings! Averie has traveled by plane many times in her short life, but this was Kempton's first flight. Our flight home was a different word...barfus.

My little "helpers" were not contributing to my productiveness of packing. Obviously, they weren't the least bit concerned about what I had to get accomplished. I love how little children do not have any worries, it helps me to live in the moment. How could this be anything but funny?


Marcie said...

It looked like everyone had so much fun! It made me miss you guys even more. I loved the picture of Kempton and Cale. Sooo cute.

Forrest & Jennie said...

So i'm dying here - what is the embarassing story??? We need to talk soon! Looks like San Antonio was a blast! Love you guys! -Jennie

Ponczoch Family said...

I want to hear about the story too! Love the pictures!

Sum said...

I love your vacation pictures! What was that embarrassing moment again? You probably already told me but just in case you should tell me know just to be sure....

Ponczoch Family said...

I keep checking back to see if you have posted anything about your embarassing moment...

csperriton said...

The embarassing story is kind of a long one...I'll have to tell you over the webcamm or over the phone. It involved a long (30 minutes SEEMED long) gondola ride and a SCREAMING one-year-old!