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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Clark Family Reunion @ Bear Lake

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Our last stop was to the Clark Family Reunion at Bear Lake. It was definitely worth traveling across the country to see all of my extended family and immediate family. I have posted a ton of pictures to show all the fun that we had!

We all worked as a team to prepare and clean up the delicious meals planned by aunt Melanie and uncle Matthew. Here is Nichole and Clay taking their responsibility very seriously. My personal favorite meal was of course the dutch oven pork and peach cobbler.

Kissing Cousins, Kempton and Callie

A very impressive handstand competetition.

Grandma trying to read all three a story... an unbelievable task!

Gramps held Brenna the entire time we were at the lake this day.

Water fight! Averie was way into squirting everyone with her squirt gun. We told her that Granny and Granny were off limits, but everyone else was fair game.

Averie and cousin Catherine

Where's our beads?

My handsome boys


Forrest & Jennie said...

GREAT pictures Suzette! I love them all. Looks like everyone had a blast!

Peterson Family said...

We miss you guys tons! Brenna looks so cute in the swimsuit picture, I love the rolls!

Marcie said...

it looks like cale is being in that one with kempton. -josh