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Friday, August 29, 2008

Daddy's big day

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August 18 was all about Daddy. We started the day off by wrapping Cale's gifts including beef jerky and a BBQ thermometer. Averie and Kempton did a beautiful job of wrapping three out of seven gifts. Seriously no help from mommy (Averie used up an entire package of tape).

Then Averie and Kempton hid all nine presents throughout the house. They could hardly stand the anticipation and had to give Daddy a few obvious clues.

During Kempton's nap, Averie insisted on setting the table all by herself. Notice Daddy's plate and place mat. This really made Daddy's day special, he could tell right away who set the table.

We then had coconut cream pie (Cale's favorite) and played duck duck goose in the basement.

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Ponczoch Family said...

Happy Birthday Cale! I love that Averie & Kempton helped out so much! Very impressive wrapping skills.