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Friday, August 29, 2008

It's Official

Pin It Since becoming parents of three, my husband has been relentlessly trying to convince me to give in to the van idea. His points were valid. A van would definitely make my life easier. With a van, Averie and Kempton could climb in by themselves. All I would have to do is push a button and magically all of the doors open. On a family trip, I could maneuver freely if one of them needs me.

Let's just face it, it was an image thing. This was my only reason for hanging on to my beloved Durango. I honestly never pictured myself in a van. Then again, I honestly never thought I'd have three kids in three years. Sometimes the best things in life aren't expected I suppose.

I finally broke down. We now are the owners of a 2008 burnt orange Dodge Caravan. For the first week as van owners, Cale would ask me if I liked my new van. I said no, but admitted it was more convenient.

Well, it's official. I am definitely loving my new orange van. Change of heart I guess. It took a month for me to realize this, but it's true.

Cale said it best when he blurted out, "I am your father. I own a minivan and a crappy Nissan!"


The Medina Family said...

Yah!!! Another van lover! Jason had to convince me to get a van too, and now I only have two kids (and that's how it's going to stay) and I can't imagine not having a van. I don't have any bad things to say about the mini van. I love the burnt orange color! Just think, you guys can have two more kids now and not have to change vehicles :) Just the other day when I was getting out of the van a woman asked me how I liked it, my reply: "I LOVE it!" I guess she was trying to convince her husband she needed one.

Peterson Family said...

The burnt orange color is actually pretty cool. Cale, how does it feel to be the next Mark Peterson? I'm glad you're following in his footsteps.


the best's said...

I am resisting the van, too. We actually owned one for about 1 month 2 years ago and I made Trent take it back to the dealership because it felt too big. I definitely understand your reservations about it, but it is a nice color. It looks cute and I am sure it is WAY more convenient.

In fact, I told Trent that if minivans go hybrid I would consider switching. :)

Laker Family said...

Just wait until you go out on a date in the minivan. We were driving away from the house and we looked at each other and laughed that we were on a 'hot' date in a van.

The Little's said...

You're gonna love it! I LOVE my mini-van (25 years old with a mini-van?! I know!) But, it's really worth it. You can definitely do things a lot more easily with one.