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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas with Grandpa, Gran, and auntie Nichole

Pin It What a memorable Christmas we had with Gran, Grandpa and auntie Nichole! We did a whole lot of nothing, which is why we all love the holidays! Actually, thinking back, we stayed very busy, but tried to avoid going outdoors due to at least 12 inches of snow on the ground. Our three little munchkins had non-stop attention, from morning til night. Averie and Kempton would wake up, immediately run downstairs and wake up Gran and Grandpa, there was no need for us! Luckily, we captured plenty of moments with my dad here taking pictures:

Cuddling with Gran during a movie.

Look at this masterpiece created by Averie, Kempton, Grandpa, Gran, and auntie!

Pistons vs. Jazz game.
Nichole almost lost her ride home with all of her cheering for the opposing team!
My cute sister is a HUGE sports fan. Cale's wondering why I didn't get that gene.

'Twas the Night Before Christmas...
Kylie, Jake, Averie, and Kempton watching out the window for Santa after hearings his jingle bells!

Santa's loot!

(Santa brings presents to grown-ups as well in our family)

Can hardly wait!

Matching Christmas Jammies

Santa brought Kempton a tool bench and Averie a portable Barbie house.

They must have been good!

Brenna started taking her first steps while everyone was here!

After Christmas shopping at the mall. Nichole had the most comfortable seat in the van as you can see.
Dad, Mom, and Nichole, We miss you already, Thanks so much for coming!


Cyndy and George said...

What a great Christmas! I miss your family and I often reflect back on wonderful memories we made when all you kids were younger!

Dan and Angie Hansen said...

What cute pictures of your family. It would be really fun to get together sometime. Call me when you come down, or maybe I'll make a trip up to Great Lakes or something.

Konrad said...

what a beautiful family you have! looks like it was a great christmas filled with happy memories.:) Happy new year!