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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

December Festivities

Pin It December is always an extremely busy month. Each year I make the goal to simplify, but I never seem to accomplish this objective. This is because I know that traditions are what glue a family together, especially around the holidays. My hope is that my children will remember all the special moments that make up Christmas, just as I reminisce the spirit of Christmas from my childhood. Here are a few of our memories:

We love Cale's kid-friendly work party. It is such a fun way to start the month of December! Brenna was terrified of Santa, she wouldn't let him hold her!

Averie loves to play in the snow (Kempton not so much, we're working on it). She goes outside and plays while Daddy shovels. It's amazing that she never complains about the cold! She does not get her warm blood from her mother that's for sure!

Averie came up the stairs after dressing up as Mary. Notice the pregnant belly even!

Starting at the beginning of December, we open one wrapped Christmas book from under the tree. We have accumulated many special books about Christmas, many spiritual and some fun!

Averie also got to see Santa at her preschool party. Her cute teacher, Mrs. French is sitting on the right side

1 comment:

Marcie said...

Good job Kempton! That is brave. Liam was no where close to sitting on Santa's lap. Your kids are always so happy. We miss you guys!