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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Rosie the Runt

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Brenna had her 12-month well child check this week. Here's her stats:
28 1/4 inches long
17 pounds 13 ounces
This places her in the fifth percentile!
This does not explain her thunder thighs and chubby cheeks, but it does make me happy that she will stay little for a while longer.

She is walking like a pro, crawls up and down stairs, has a strong bond with her soft pink teddy bear named Cotton Candy, eats like a champ, loves to read books, is saying words (but never on demand, only in response), uses some sign-language, claps her hands, points to her nose and eyes, covers her ears when I vacuum, plays mommy by wrapping Cotton Candy in a dish towel and putting her in the stroller, puts her hands over her face when we say "Where's Rosies?", dances so cute to any music, gives kisses on the lips (while saying mmmmm), understands everything we say, doesn't sleep through the night, and idolizes her brother and sister.

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