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Friday, June 19, 2009

"House Hunting Trip"

Pin It We spent the last four weeks searching for a home, but mostly just played with family and friends:
It was no shock that Averie spent all of her free time outside or in the garage with Grandpa Perriton-- going on errands and talking with him like she's a grown up or something!

The kids and I spent one week in Utah with Josh and Marcie. There were seven kids four and under so you can imagine all the fun that took place. Colette and kids also joined the party and we were "home away from home" with Summer, Jared and girls.

My talented cousin Jennie took many of these photos. She is amazing and should be getting paid!

Is it just me, or does this kid remind you of somebody? I think it's Shawn cloned with red hair. I can't tell you how many times people brought this to my attention recently!

I can't believe how fast these two have grown. They were babies just yesterday. I love how they love each other.

Thanksgiving Pointe:

Kempton, Averie and Maci waiting their turn. Kempton changed his mind after giving the lady the ticket. He feels very confident about not participating in these situations.

I love this pictures. It captures everything that is so special about cousins.

I wonder what Brenna is thinking about:

Beautiful Layla in the gardens.

Kempton finally starts opening up to the idea of being adventurous enough to hang with Liam. :) I think he scored some cool points the last couple of days when he approached his buddy to say, "Liam, I'm going to tackle you!"

Thanks so much again Josh and Marcie for being such wonderful hosts. We are so excited to live closer so that we can return the favor and continue to make memories.

This boy cracked me up. He was totally posing for the camera. Cecilia was such a great help with all her younger cousins.

I think they have their own language:

Isn't this precious?

My sister-in-laws are going to kill me for posting this pictures. I love it, but mostly I loved going and having some girl time together. Here we are with red and swollen eyebrows...gorgeous.

I was able to see my friend Kim while in Utah. This was the longest time we have ever gone without seeing each other (about 4 years). It really didn't seem very long, we always pick up where we left off. Much of our life was spent together (childhood in Utah, trips to St. George and California, college life and meeting our husbands, living one mile from each other in Michigan right after school and starting our families). We have so many wonderful memories. It just melted my heart to see our children playing together!

Kim's mom and sister were such angels and watched all six of our kids so that we could go shopping in Park City. I also got to spend some quality time with my sister, which is always a highlight. Here's the loot:

There's nothing like a 50cent ice cream cone after a long day of traveling. Our kids look homeless but at least they are smiling!

And now for the boring news...
After an exhausted search for a home in Laramie, we have finally decided to build a home. It will most likely be finished in October which means we are vagabonds in the meantime (but grateful to Cale's parents for putting up with all five of us until we have a plan). We have decided on a plot of land and are trying to decide between three house plans.
The movers are packing up on Monday and Tuesday. Thursday is the big day where we ride off into the sunset...


Cyndy and George said...

Sounds like a really fun trip! WOW your family is really growing up. It always amazes me when I see picture of Avery how much she looks like a blonde Melva!!

I hope you get to Cali some day. Would love to see you!

Washington Hills said...

I would make someone dinner for a month to get pictures of my kids like that! So fantastic. Congrats on getting your family together again. Good luck!

Marcie said...

Can't wait to see you again! We had so much fun. You are such a great friend/sister-in-law. Your kids are perfect and beautiful. I can't get over how much Kempton looks like your family lucky him :). Averis is BEAUTIFUL and well behaved. Brenna is the most darling toddler I have ever seen (no joke). You seriously just want to hug her. I hope your life isn't to crazy at the moment and things are going well. Love you!
p.s. Colette and I were talking about what an amazing mom you are and how calm you are with your kids. We were blown away at how well you handled the kids all by yourself. Which is why you are my Mommy mentor.

konrad said...

What beautiful children! Brennas hair is just adorable!! Such wonderful family photos, your kids all have such gorgeous variation from eachother, i see alot of you in all of them i think:). We are pretty convinced which kid takes after who with ours hehe... good luck with the new home! How exciting for you all :)

Ponczoch Family said...

It was so good to see you again, after all these years:) Next time we need a few more days though... maybe a girls weekend or something? Good luck finding the perfect piece of property and the perfect house plans!

Selina said...

you are moving! :( but we haven't gone outlet shopping yet!!!! your kids are so beautiful, i can't believe how grown up they are time really flies. congrats on cale's new job, looks like you are gonna have to become an online bargain shopper!