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Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Halloween to Remember...

Pin It ...or forget. This Halloween was full on bloopers on my part. A while back I ordered Averie and Kempton's costumes and had them sent to Cale's parents house in Cheyenne (we don't trust our apartment's mail system). My plan was to drive to Cheyenne (an hour's drive) and pick them up on Thursday before Halloween. I even checked the weather on Monday to make sure there wouldn't be any snow! We needed their costumes for two parties on Friday.

Unfortunately Colorado and Wyoming were slammed with an early fluke snow storm. I-80 shut down for miles and miles starting Wednesday. There was no way I could get their costumes. I felt so bad because they were so excited to be Wonder Woman and Spider Man.

We had to improvise for Friday's parties. I pulled out a Peter Pan costume that Cale HATES for Kempton and Averie was a Ballerina. They were pretty good sports about it. I was the most disappointed and felt the worst about the situation because I just love Halloween and want it to be memorable in a GOOD way!!!

This is the only picture of Brenna I got of her in her costume, and she's missing her fairy wings, headband and wand. She was a party pooper and didn't want to be bothered by any of it! :)


Heidi Best said...

The fun thing about costumes is that they can wear them all year long. Just go pick them up when the storm clears and they can dress up everyday as wonder woman and spider man. My kids love dress up. You feel much worse about it then they ever will.

The peter pan costume is cute! Does cale hate it because he saw video of Kevin Vortmann as Peter Pan in JR. High?? :) I am still a little traumatized by that!

Peterson's said...

I wonder why Cale HATES Kempton's Peter Pan Costume? :) Is it because he looks a little fairy-ish!:) Slap some wings on that boy and call him Thumbelina!