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Sunday, November 15, 2009

House Updates

Pin It We are really enjoying this building process. Our last building experience was very different. We had a bigger builder and were only given 5-10 choices for things like flooring, cabinetry, countertops, and paint colors. Any changes would have cost a fortune.

Since breaking ground on this home, we have seen daily is so exciting. I love it all and I love our builders and subs. It is so fun to see our plans and changes come to life! This week I went over to our property at least twice every day. Our builders want us to work directly with the subs. Right now I am working very closely with the framer. These are the changes we've made so far with the framing:

1) Taking out a wall in the kitchen, which means a complete kitchen re-design.
2) Adding 4 feet to the master bathroom, adding a toilet closet, and linen closet which means a complete re-design.
3) Expanding laundry room wall two feet to include a wash basin.
4) The original plan had a dining room, but we're changing it to a den. We're adding french doors with a transom window above and closing off walls.
5) Adding archways in several places.
6) Changing exterior fireplace to interior fireplace.
7) Cove ceiling in master bedroom.
8) Changing exterior entry way.
9) Adding six feet to the living room and kitchen nook.
10) Extending six feet to the third car bay and making it part of the house. This will be a 6x12-feet food storage pantry off the kitchen.
11) Arching the garage door.
12) They were able to build all daylight windows in the basement, which the plan doesn't call for.
13) Taking out the door from the master bedroom to the patio.
14) Expanding the front bedroom two feet.

The only problem is that this process is all consuming. I think about it constantly, I dream about it, and it's all I talk about! Just a warning that you will be bombarded with questions and opinions if you call me or visa verse. I realized recently that I need to find some sense of balance in my life, but I just can't help myself! I understand that this may seem a little worldly, but I equate this to any sort of project, creative outlet, or hobby. Or at least this is my justification! :)


Peterson's said...

so exciting...its probably nice to have so much to think about over the cold winter (as long as you don't miss christmas)

Becky Dotta said...

Suzettem Sounds so exciting. I am so happy for you and your lovely family. Enjoy every minute of this building process. take care.
Becky Dotta