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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My favorites from the holidays

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  • Ollie the elf came to visit our family during the entire month of December. He followed us to Cheyenne and helped enforce good behavior.
  • Grandpa and Gran Peterson helping us to focus more on the true meaning of Christmas with a letter each week of December. The theme "Believe" was truly inspired and our kids looked forward to unwrapping their thoughtful gifts each Monday before Christmas.
  • Matching Christmas jammies for the cute and such a fun tradition!
  • Battling with three kids after too many goodies, not enough naps, preoccupied parents, sharing new toys, free playtime with cousins, and the freezing cold outside. Regardless, it was all worth it!!
  • Shopping and dinner out with Marcie...just the girls. We didn't bring home any leftovers, and we even got an appetizer!!
  • All of us wrapping presents Christmas Eve and sneaking around to make sure those who weren't supposed to see didn't see!
  • Me and Marcie thinking (for a moment) that Cale and Josh didn't get us any surprise presents but then feeling bad when we both opened our surprises. I don't know why I ever doubt, Cale always comes through. Seriously though, this year he really had me fooled.
  • Loving the magic of Santa and hearing his bells as Cale read "Twas the Night Before Christmas" to the little ones.
  • Six little kids trying to act out the birth of Christ. And hearing them each stand on the fireplace to tell us what they know about Jesus. Even though it was slightly chaotic and not rehearsed, it was so sweet.
  • Mom and Dad Perriton opening their home to six grandchildren five and under and their parents. They never seemed bother by the messes or loudness. Thank you for everything!
  • Averie and Joey sledding down the hill in the front yard, then working together to pull the sled up the hill. It was so cute to look out the window to see them in their abominable snowsuits with big cheesy smiles.
  • Playing games with "the other Perritons" for Christmas and New Years.
  • Sharing a New Years Martinelli at midnight with Averie and Brenna. Averie was so excited to witness the ball drop for the first time! No surprise that Kempton was fast asleep, our boy needs his zzzzzz's.
  • Loving the opportunity to focus on the birth of our Savior and thinking of ways to serve those around me. I love making Christmas goodies for neighbors, thinking of the perfect gift to give, and teaching my children more about feeling the spirit of Christ and service. This has led me to think about Christ's ministry on the earth. He taught by example how to live. Relationships with His loved ones were the focus, service was the key, and His atoning sacrifice is what will help us return to our loving Heavenly Father.
  • Getting a chance to start over, improve, and make new goals for the upcoming year. Good thing, 'cause I really have a lot to work on.


Jenna Little said...

I miss you! A lot!

Clarke and Kamie said...

omg those matching jammies are too cute! kids just make the holiday magical, dont they??? As much as they drive you crazy--its so fun to have little ones at christmas time!

Summer said...

Your kids are getting so big...although for me, Brenna has changed the most since we saw you all last. As always, I love the matching jams!