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Friday, January 15, 2010

A Decade of Change

Pin It I saw this on my sis-in-law, Marcie's blog and loved it. Here has been my life in the last decade. I tag you to do the same:

2000: In my 21st year, I spent all of my spare time with my fiance, Cale. I finished up my schooling at the formerly known Ricks College, graduating with an Associate of Science degree in Health Sciences. Cale and I were married in the San Diego Temple, had receptions in each of our home towns, and spent our honeymoon in Lake Tahoe. The rest of the year was spent "adjusting" to married life. We moved, started school at Weber State, and enjoyed lots of fun times living in the same apartment complex with my cousin, Jennie, and her new husband, Forrest.

2001: I studied and worked hard at IHC Medical Clinic. We lived in Mexico city for 5 months where Cale taught an automotive course to adult students at Benemerito LDS high school. We experienced much adventure and met incredible people. I didn't learn the language because everyone wanted to practice English on me! We were integrated into the culture, gained a stronger testimony of the Gospel, saw many sights, and ate authentic Mexican food. We grew together and enjoyed our independence.

2002 I trained for the Ogden marathon and ran 26.2 miles the week before finals. Quit my job to focus on my 23 credit hours so that I could graduate with Cale. Completed my 360 hour internship with the Health Department. Had no desire to start a family, only wanted to work on myself and our marriage. Felt confirmation about this decision for us. Graduated with my husband and cousin Jennie. Cale and I went on a second (and way better) honeymoon to Cancun thanks to cousin Natalie and her free plane tickets! Moved across the country to Michigan. Began my first job out of school. Lived near our friends the Ponczochs and met lifelong friends.

2003: Worked hard and enjoyed my field. Purchased our first home and began a complete renovation. Lived again near the Ponczochs. Traveled a bit. Enjoyed book club with great friends. Tried to get pregnant with no success, so started working with a fertility doctor. Wanted to start a family!

2004: Found out we were pregnant and prepared for our new baby girl. Worked nonstop to complete the house before her arrival. Worked most of the year and then knew I wanted to stay home full time once I became a mommy. Thoroughly enjoyed parenting, didn't sleep, spent every waking hour with my first born. Nursed nursed and nursed. She was our world and we couldn't be more happy. Cale took a job with Chrysler and we contemplated moving closer to headquarters. Felt gratitude for my many blessings.

2005: Sold our home in 24 hours. Said goodbye to our friends downriver, including Kim and Dave who moved to Chile. Purchased a new home in Clarkston, but lived in St. Louis during the build. Had a blast living in an extended-stay hotel, went to the gym and played with Averie while Cale was at work. Ate out on the company every night, celebrated Averie's first birthday there. Moved to our new home and met lifelong friends who influenced our life for the good. Traveled to Hawaii!

2006: Pregnant with our baby boy...not unexpected just earlier than we thought! :) Got to know our new city and loved it. Worked on our home. Cale traveled a lot for his job. Became the mother of two! Was blessed with a baby boy who slept through the night right from the beginning. Nursed, nursed, and nursed some more...he was a fatty! Adjusted to being outnumbered but didn't feel overwhelmed.

2007 My sister Nichole lived with us. Started finished the basement. Amazed (and shocked) to find out we were pregnant, overwhelmed by the thought. Very sick with pregnancy. Kempton was still nursing and 8 months. Cale traveled a good amount for his job. Hardest year since we were married. Decided we didn't want to find out if baby was a boy or a girl, wanted to be surprised. Lived near family and had fun times with them. Called as a counselor in Relief Society presidency. Felt the love of the Lord and reassurance that all is well.

2008: Brenna was born, had lots of help. Kempton was still a baby, only 16 months old. Caring for a newborn was easy this time because I had a baby only the year before! Felt a lot of guilt for not being able to attend to Kempton the way I wanted. Felt the love of the Lord. Asked my Mom for much advice. Rarely got time alone with my husband. Made sure to simplify my life and focus on motherhood. We had many days of doing nothing. An adventure in our house was me taking all three kids out on my own. Averie started preschool and turned four, became a chauffeur. Needed my Relief Society calling. Felt the support from many friends who uplifted me. Felt encouragement from my husband.

2009 Enjoyed being a mother of three, things started getting a little easier. Watched the economy in Michigan go downhill and not coincidentally Cale was offered a position with Wyotech in Laramie Wyoming. Moved across the country, grateful to stay with in-laws, Cale started a new job as Director of Education. Didn't sell our home in Michigan, found renters. Searched and searched for a home, decided to build. Started building process. Enjoyed a vacation with my family in San Antonio...I have an awesome family. Living in an apartment. Started a job and loving the flexibility, only work a couple of hours three nights a week. Miss our friends and family in Michigan. Met great people here. Live close to family again. Looking forward to normalcy.

As I wrote this, two things kept circulating around in my mind. First, I am so grateful for my loving and supportive husband. He really is my backbone. He helps me think logically, fairly, and realistically. He is a very selfless person, especially in our marriage. Of course he puts his foot down with me and helps me recognize ways in which I can improve, but he loves me and thinks I'm sexy. Cale teases me constantly and is usually light-hearted, I can never take myself too seriously! He compliments me (in private), therefore I feel confident. He is sensitive and the best father because his priorities are in tact. I feel that he is Christ-like. My mom always describes him as "never showing hypocrisy and never having guile." He always says I'm sorry and is the first to apologize, which to me shows humility. He is a peacemaker (middle child). After more than 11 years of being together, it is apparent why I received such a strong confirmation to marry him. We have been through a lot but at the end of the day, he is my best friend. I truly believe that in a marriage you have to "choose" to be in love...every day.

Also, I am always blown away by the guiding influence of a loving Heavenly Father. He knows me, my strengths and my weaknesses. What is good for me may not be good for someone else, but He can tell the difference. He has watched me learn and grow over these past 10 years and I have felt close to Him.


The Little's said...

What a fun post to read! I'm so happy that you married into our family and are close to home! We love having you guys here...I agree about your husband. The more I get to know him the more I like him!

Marcie Tess said...

You are AMAZING!!! I loved this post!

Brian, Emily, and Violet said...

I loved reading about the last 10 years! What a fun way to look at the past and how fast time seems to fly! Love you friend!

Eardley Fam said...

What a great idea! I loved reading about your past 10 years. I am going to write mine too-hopefully I can remember it all :)

the laytons said...

I had so much fun reading that! It is fun to get to know you thru our blogs. You're family is adorable!