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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Shawn and Chelsea Visit!

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Shawn, Chelsea, and girls came to visit last week. We had so much fun at the pool, going to Vedauwoo, and playing at the park. The boys went to a Rockey's game in Denver one night and Chelsea and I watched a chick flick, which was dumb, but we made up for it by eating lots of icecream.
The kids LOVED playing with Reese and Callie. One day while Kempton and Callie were playing together, Chelsea and I overhead Kempton ask Callie, "Cauwee, wiw you wuv me and nevo weave me?" I think by the end of the trip, Callie was feeling Kempton's fatal attraction! haha
Shawn and Chelsea stayed an extra day because their water pump went out in their van. I was secretly happy that this happened because we got that much more time. :)
I had withdrawals after my brother and his family left and felt sad for about one day after. I always long to see Chad, Shawn, Nichole, and my parents. We don't see each other often enough, it had been almost one year. Luckily we are going to Utah and California and get to see Chad plus family and Nichole, then my parents are visiting us in August.
She looks so tall
Climbing rocks at Vedauwoo. Their personalities shine through in this picture.

Look at those rubber band arms! I couldn't catch Callie to get a picture of her!

Handsome fellow

Yellow is her color

Look beyond the snaggletooth!

Picture perfect

I could hold Reese all day long...she is such a doll!

All four kids stayed in the same SEEMED like a good idea! :)


Becky Dotta said...

What a beautiful family, Suzette. I can't believe that Avery is 5 years old. I still have the high chair in the back bedroom that I got out when you were here....long time ago, huh?

Fiagle Family said...

her swim suit is so cute! Your house looks so nice. Im sure its great to be moved in and have so much space