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Monday, September 6, 2010

Disney Day 1

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We spent our first day at Disney's California Adventure. It must be new because I don't think it existed when I left Califoria 12 years ago. It is basically a continuation of Disneyland and it took us a full day to hit most of the attractions. We soon found out that it is best to go to Disneyland when most of your children are 40" or taller. We cut it close with Kempton and taught him how to stand up straight with his head held high!

The "A" in CALIFORNIA. My favorite ride of all was "Soarin' California." And it isn't just because I'm from there.

"The Tower of Terror" was the highlight of the day. Why did we think it was OK to let our three-year-olds go on this ride? Look at Averie's face...she looks terrified! Don't let Kempton's face fool you however, he LOVED it. He was all smiles afterward. And my favorite face of all in this shot...Chad. Where is Suzette you may ask? I haven't had a need for these type of things since 1998.

Toys Story's green army man

All the spinny rides were assigned to Sue and Cale. Chad and I have the dizzy gene.

We are dorks

Waiting happily in line

We went full blast morning til night


Scott and Becky Burdick said...

I love the Soaring over California ride too! I miss Disneyland :) Glad you guys had fun!

Phyllis Perriton said...

Uncle Graeme and I stayed at the very same hotel when it first opened and because some of the rooms weren't ready on time all the guests at the conference were not charged for their rooms. Yes! It was truly gorgeous!