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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Flower Garden

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"Averie's going to flower garden!" Kempton said more than once.
We didn't want to correct him! Too cute.
It is so cliche to say that I never thought I'd see the day that I'd have a kindergartner.
The truth is, Averie is more than ready to spread her wings. I (on the other hand) had very mixed emotions the last month or so of summer. It would be the end of an era, the last time that I would have all three little ones at home. Three tiny ones at home meant messes, piling three tiny ones in the car any time I needed to go anywhere, crying, feeding, no "me" time, and physical stress. On the other hand, it meant lots of nurturing, laughing, smiling, educating, bonding, playing, and having them in my care. Thinking back on the last five years, I came to peace that Averie's days at home with Mommy were well spent. It was now time to enter the big bad world of SCHOOL!
In the last month that Averie has spent all day at school, I miss her. So do Kempton and Brenna. But I don't think she misses us one bit, and this is how I want it to be.
Kempton started preschool and goes every day in the afternoon. He doesn't seem to miss home either! Every morning he asks me about five times when we will have lunch, because he knows he goes to preschool after lunch. I am loving that he and Brenna have a little time to play and appreciate each other.
During the moments I miss my Averie and Kempton, it doesn't take long to SNAP OUT OF IT!! I have three hours each day with just one child! This makes me very giddy inside.

We love our neighbors, we get to walk together to school on most days. Averie is in class with the "boy next door." His mom and I wonder when it will start getting weird between the two of them. haha

We love Averie's teacher

This is his smile lately. So unnatural, but a crack up

Kempton's teacher is WONDERFUL

Brenna didn't want to miss out on the action. She insisted that she needed her picture taken as well.


Jack and Laura Conley Blog said...

Your children are so cute. They are getting so big.

Washington Hills said...

Congrats on starting school! I love school. My kids come home so happy - minds and bodies worked!

Shelli said...

Suzette, I love to see your family growing and making such great truly are a beautiful family and I enjoy peeking into your life every once in a while. I'm glad you are all doing well.