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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

And the winner is...

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Bella Paisley Duvet and Euro Shams with Porcelain Blue Essential Quilt and Standard Sham

I am sure your life has been on hold as you have awaited my duvet decision. Right.

But I do want to thank you for all of your comments and votes. I loved them and took them all to heart. (Wow, this sounds serious!) Your advice was extremely helpful...

and I think I will continue to post a poll for every single one of my future minor decisions in life. hehe

I also want to thank my two besties (Sue and Elizabeth) for talking it out with me. And they didn't even make me feel silly. They asked me the right questions, and (coincidentally enough) they both guessed I would choose #4. "It just you, Suzette!" they both said in separate conversations.

I truly was leaning toward #2, the duvet with the highest votes until another bestie (Jenna) commented on her disappointment with the same duvet. I don't want to mess with ironing. Never have, never will! The messy look is not conducive to my well-being.

I love this duvet because:

It makes me happy.

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