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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dare to Dine: Delicioso

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Sometimes it is scary to eat out while trying to lose weight (or just be healthy).

We don't want to deprive ourselves completely and abstain from dining out could definitely backfire! We could find ourselves just throwing all of our hard work out the window for one weak moment where we go all out.

Today I will focus on Mexican Cuisine, hopefully giving you some sure-fire ideas of what the heck to eat!


These remind me of Mexico City. Did you know that they do not have sour cream there? I was shocked.

These authentic extra-lean pork street tacos ($5), which are filled with slow-roasted pulled pork and topped with cilantro relish are delicioso. Three contain just 330 calories and 1.5 grams of fat. Make sure to just order them as is (no sour cream, cheese, rice, etc).

Add their ancho chili BBQ beans and you'll tack on an extra 6 grams of protein-plus 9 grams of fiber-for just 155 more calories. And of course order water.

BTW, they are on sale right now.

One more thing. They have a great calorie calculator here if you'd like to check it out. Just beware of that cilantro lime's a kicker!

El Taco Bell

We love Taco Smell at our house, our kids love their tacos and it is super cheap. But it is easy to over-indulge here, leaving us with that not-so-fresh feeling.

Here are my guildelines to follow for this establishment:

Less than 500 calories, 5+ grams of fiber, and 5 or less grams of saturated fat.

Here are the options if you want:

1 Item

-Pacific Shrimp Burrito

-Fresco Bean Burrito

-Cheesy Bean & Rice Burrito

-Burrito Supreme-Steak or Chicken (not beef)

2 Item Combo

1) 1 Fresco Supreme chicken or steak burrito -or- 1 Fresco bean burrito


1 Fresco chicken soft taco -or- 1 Fresco crunchy taco -or- 1 Fresco grilled steak taco

2) 1 Pacific shrimp taco


1 Fresco chicken soft taco -or- 1 Fresco crunchy taco -or- 1 Fresco grilled steak taco

3 Items

-3 Fresco chicken soft tacos

I do not have a Cafe Rio, Baja Fresh, Chipotle, etc. in my little-ol-town, so...

you get what you get and you don't throw a fit!

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