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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wellness Wednesday: 5 Ways to Lose 10 Pounds THIS MONTH!

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It's Wellness Wednesday!

I am often asked for simple ideas on how to lose weight. The truth is, losing weight is always hard work, there is no quick fix. The concept is very simple (burn more energy than you intake), but it really does take sacrifice and a new way of thinking. But let me tell you, I have seen clients and friends change their thinking and have also witnessed their success! There is nothing better than conquering your weaknesses and gaining self control. I have come up with five "simple" ways to start losing weight:


Many of you know that I do not enjoy baking. I do love cooking however. The truth is, I do not ever want to enjoy it.

You want to know why? BECAUSE I HAVE NO SELF CONTROL!!!

If I bake, I will eat too much, because it is delicious. Just the other day, I baked one of my favorite desserts. Sure enough, I practically ate the entire pan over the course of three days! And I guarantee many of you have the same problem. I don't care if it has WHOLE WHEAT in it. A calorie is a calorie! I will not own a wheat grinder until I have conquered this problem (blaspheme). It's for my own protection. Freshly baked bread will always be delicious, so I'm thinking I will not be getting over this problem any time soon. So, I purchase my whole wheat bread from the store and I occasionally enjoy eating it when YOU bake it! There. My secret is out. If you love baked goods like I do, you may want to consider this suggestion.


(or your favorite indulgence).

Could be chips, M & Ms, cheese, etc. It's a lot harder to give in to temptation if it's not even in your fridge, freezer, or cupboard. For me, ice cream is IT! I love chocolately and creamy...mmmmmmm. It's a lot more painful when I have to pay $3.00 for two scoops every once in a while.


If you cannot live without it or the caffeine, I would suggest only ONE each day, or go for diet. Although diet gives ME a belly ache. Neither is good for you!!! Maybe treat yourself on the weekends? I know the addiction, believe me, my husband is an addict. He would rather have soda than goodies any day. So as I'm preaching to you, I can't even get my husband to listen...:)


This is the best one. You will love how hungry you feel for breakfast the next morning! And when you eat a healthy breakfast in the morning, you will feel nourished.


Never go below 1200 calories, this is considered sub nutritious, meaning you are not reaching the recommendations your body needs for vitamins, minerals, or energy. You will be surprised at how much food you can eat! It is best to eat a variety of foods (starches, fruits, vegetables, milk, meat, and fat).

Losing weight and feeling great must be a lifestyle change, not something that you do for a short period of time until you reach your goal. Unfortunately, there are no quick fixes. Once you reach your weight loss goal, then you should increase your caloric intake (a little) to maintain. I guarantee you will see those pounds drop if you will do these 5 things!


Ry and Wendi said...

I GUARANTEE this works...especially #3!!

Peterson's said...

If I stopped baking I think I would sink into depression. but I need to be better at not eating after 7:00! This is a good reminder.