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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The first step to a healthy diet? A little planning.

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A healthy diet begins with a little planning.

If you buy it you will eat it! And if it's in your cupboards, you will devour it. Or maybe I'm just speaking for myself.

Step 1: Research nutritious meals, or "healthify" your favorite go-to dishes. Add a side dish of a fruit, vegetable, or green salad.

Step 2: Make a shopping list.

Step 3: Stick to your list while shopping at the grocery store. Try to ignore those twinkies and that fresh french bread that is calling for you.

Step 4: You now have all of the healthy ingredients you need to make a nutritious meal. Now start cooking!

I created this free grocery shopping list combined with a weekly meal plan (just for you) that may help get you started! I kept it very simple so that you can write down what you would like to purchase.

You can download this on your computer, and then print as needed. Feel free (of course) to print in black/white.

If you decide to download, I have a couple requests: (1) post a comment letting me know and (2) become a fan of Go With The Flo on facebook and blogger. This is not too much to ask! ;) You are more than welcome to share the download, but please site where it came from (

Just click here to download.

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