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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wellness Wednesday: "My Life Flashed Before My Eyes"

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Every person has a storyline in their head about their weight. Let's go ahead and plot it out on paper.

This "Life Events Weight Graph" may teach us that weight is the result of how we deal with stress, change, and tribulations. Having our “life on a graph” may be an eye-opener and very beneficial for triggering a positive change in ourselves. This chart may help us recognize the “real” reasons for our weight gain, and see that it wasn’t just lack of will power. We may not be aware of how important life events (and the feelings they bring) can influence emotional eating, which leads to weight gain. It may helps us to acknowledge the way we deal with life and stress, and move forward with a new way of dealing with life “snags.”

To download, just click on the two icons below.

You will need them both for full understanding.

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