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Thursday, May 5, 2011

"We've been happily married for 5 years"

Pin It This is Cale's response when he is asked how long we've been married. You see, we had our first child in late 2004 and were married in early 2000 (Get it? He's insinuating the children throw a wrench into our happiness...not true but a total Cale comment). It always throws people for a loop, that of course being his true intent.

I feel like with being married 11 years, we are settled into life and our relationship. We are far from being newlyweds and we are comfortable with each other. We have a family, a home, and a life together. I guess we are grown-ups in every sense of the word now. I often think about how I still look forward to seeing him every day and never get tired of him. He doesn't seem to get sick of me either so I guess that says something!

I love the following lyrics written by Michael McLean:

It's not love til it's been through a storm
It's not love til it's died and reborn
It's not love til it comes to an end
And still you have faith to try once again
Til's not love

It's not love just because it feels right
It's not love until you've sacrifices
It's not love until we've healed the hurt
It's not love til we both make it work
It's not love til we've seen all the flaws
It's not love til we've given our all.

To those of you who have passed through the newlywed stage of life... Doesn't this describe love and marriage perfectly?

Here are pictures from that first 5 years (which were a blast), just for kicks and giggles. And no, we are not teenagers, between the ages of 21-27:

Here's us today. And like the music lyrics say, we now know It's Love.

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