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Sunday, June 5, 2011

I'm a First Grader!!!

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This is what Averie was shouting loudly the last day of school. It was kind of hard for me to hear. In my mind kindergartners still have the "cute factor." But do first graders? I'm not sure, I guess I'll have to find out. They seem like official kids to me. I have mixed emotions each year she grows older. And then the other two are right behind her.

The other night, I was thinking about how once Averie turns 9, she is halfway to being out of our home. And then it made me think how time flies and I literally remember when I was 9. And then I missed my Dad, Mom, Chad, Shawn, and Nichole. And then I missed the grown-up Averie. You don't want to be in my mind, it is a strange place. All these thoughts were a result of one excited little girl shouting out "I'm a First Grader!!!!"

At least I have these two little ones home with me for at least another year:

They were pretending to be swimmers with their swim caps. Or at least this was their explanation for running around with underwear on their heads.

Averie performed as a bride in her first dance recital.

The last week of school Averie performed "Found a Peanut" with her two friends in front of the entire "Peanut-Free" school. They stole the show with uproarious laughter at each silly line. We were so proud of her for being so brave. I would have froze up there at that age; our girl has no fear!

Now school is over and life is simple, but it means back to keeping 3 children busy!

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