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Monday, June 27, 2011

June Happenings

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Summer is (finally) here! We've been doing a little of this and a little of that:

Play dates with friends and matching shirts,

Third generation bestie friend visit,

Look at all these children! We let the kids stay up til midnight, Cale wimped out at 1am, and we talked and talked til 4am. The all-night tradition continues!

Father's Day began with french toast in bed and a gift from each munchkin. Of course their gifts were food (Averie-garlic stuff olives, Kempton-pizza Doritos (Wait a minute. Was that a gift for Daddy or Kempton?), and Brenna- sour patch kids that Daddy let the kids devour right away and got maybe 2 for himself.

I am so blessed to have this man as the father of my children. I have not met a more "connected" Daddy.

Building our 18x14-foot deck has taken up a few weekends so far. What a help Dad Perriton has been! Cale loves working side by side with his Dad. And I just love progress! "After" pics to come. Next the fence...

First Vedauwoo trip of the season. We love that we can go to the mountains and have the camping experience without the overnight part! We ate tinfoil dinners, roasted marshmallows, climbed rocks, and rode bikes.

Crazy hair days. In all my life, I've never had my hair pulled up as much as I have in the last couple months. I've always felt so "exposed" with my hair up! haha! Guess I'm getting less self-conscious in my old age.

So far so good, and lots to look forward to this summer!

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Ponczoch Family said...

I haven't been checking blogs regularly for a while... what cute kids we have:) I am so glad that you are my stop-over now... that means we'll get to see you at least once a year!!!