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Sunday, September 25, 2011

I left my San Francisco!

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Our original reason for making this trip was a conference to San Francisco for Cale's work. This made the trip affordable because we traded in an expensive plane ticket for gas money. Plus our hotel stay while in California was covered. We know how to work the system!

I loved watching the kid's reaction as we enter San Francisco... it was fun to share a part of my own childhood with them. To them it's like a foreign country but to me it's like home. My Dad grew up in the Bay Area and most of his family still lives there. Growing up, we spent many a "Spring Flings," Thanksgivings, and golf trips there.

My favorite part of the entire trip was a visit to my Grandma DeRose. It was nice to see where she lives and that she is being well taken care of. She is visited regularly by 4 of her children still in the Bay area and they do an excellent job of taking care of her. It was a little hard to see my "young grandma" actually look like a grandma, but it was reassuring to hear her voice because it hasn't changed at all. And she smells the yummy!

Our Brenna Rose or "Rosie" is named after Grandma (and the late Grandpa Barney) DeRose.

We spent several hours with Grandma and then the rest of the afternoon with my two aunts.

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Forrest and Jennie said...

LOVE, love, love all these pictures! They are a good reminder to me that I need to update my blog... Miss you guys. We're ready for another trip to Wyoming!