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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Summer Vacation 2011

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Our summer ended with an extreme road trip. Home to Utah, Utah to Reno, Reno to San Fransico, San Fransisco to V-town, V-town to Pismo, Pismo to Bakersfield, Bakersfield to Las Vegas, Las Vegas to Lake Powell, and Lake Powell to Home! It makes me exhausted just writing it! But for some reason it wasn't as exhausting as it sounds, just a lot of fun with many memories.
Our first jaunt was a 6-hour trip to Utah to visit Shawn and Chelsea and girls. We stayed for several nights and days. We got to see auntie Nichole plus Forrest and Jennie and boys.

We let the kids stay up til 11:00 pm for our get together with Jennie and Forrest.

We love going to Thanksgiving Pointe when we visit Utah!

Look at that little hand!

3 out of 4 aint bad!

Auntie Nichole with the Youngins

Brenna on her pony

I love Reese in this picture, she looks like the perfect jailbird!
They wanted to try out Auntie's sweet ride...a bright yellow mustang!

Ready for California Glamour

Ok. Who looks more like their Dad in this picture? It's a Mark Peterson look-a-like contest!

Pretty girls

I think someone had a little crush on a certain uncle of hers! It's hard to resist Reese's adorable-ness!

Cousins and Friends

Cale took the kids to see Cars II. Averie's pose cracks me up, where did she learn THAT from? I promise I'm not posing like that (in front of her at least...haha!)

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