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Friday, October 28, 2011

Back to School

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The day before school started, we had a school kickoff where the fire department came and sprayed the kids. It was amazing, and the kids had a blast!

Averie is ready for the school year! Her teacher this year is Mr. D, probably the most organized man I know. His room is perfectly in order and he sends a letter home for parents every week with constant updates. And his penmanship, oh my! Averie loves him because he is cute with the kids. He has a lot of patience and knows how to handle a group of 6 and 7 year-old first graders, probably helps to have years of experience behind him. Not sure there are many men out there that could do as great of a job!

Averie got a new hairdo the day before school, over 4 inches chopped off! She had been begging me to get it cut, even shorter than this.

This haircut has worked out much better then her norm, the amount of morning frustration has reduced (she hates for me to do her hair, and the feeling is mutual). The a-line, stacked look in the back looks darling!

We came across lots of friends on the first day of school. Here is Brenna and her friend Rowyn. I don't think either of them were very excited about letting their siblings go to school after having them home all summer!

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