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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Operation Finish Yard

Pin It This summer was "Operation Finish Yard." It began in the spring when Cale began the 15x20 foot deck. With the help us his Dad, they were able to pound out the beginnings of the structure. It took the rest of the summer to finish, especially with the stairs!

We literally spent the rest of the summer landscaping our yard, from dirt to grass and fence. Cale's cousins saved our life when they offered to come spend an entire summer Saturday helping us out. Paul (our future brother-in-law) also came to help us out. We were able to do all of the landscaping which included 16 tons of landscape rocks, 12 bags of mulch, plant 6 trees and lots of bushes, start the hardest part of the sprinkler system, and put most of the the edging in. They worked from sun up til dinner time. Some of the women joined in as well, and we had about 20 kids running around which was fun!

Danny was the job foreman and Cale gave him permission to just tell him what to do. We were very grateful to Danny for his expertise.

As you can tell, they accomplished a lot in one full day! And I think we had fun in the meantime! We were so grateful to all of them that we took everyone out for dinner to the Outback. Unfortunately for Will, he sat next to Cale and was hesitant to order what he wanted. I'm positive he was still hungry because when we went to Culvers afterward, he ordered a hamburger.

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Ponczoch Family said...

What a transformation! Looks great! Can't wait to see it next time we head out west.