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Friday, February 17, 2012

Valentines Day

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 Valentines Day started off with "Heart Attacks" on the kid's door.  Then a trail of hearts to the kitchen where heart-shaped waffles were served.  I don't make waffles very often, but my waffle maker is in the shape of hearts (and we received it as a gift from our family friend's SheDaisy.  Yes, the country singing group SheDaisy.)  These look very healthy, don't they?!?!  Healthy no.  Delicious yes.

Averie's good friend Cole was quite the gentleman and gave Averie a bouquet of flowers for Valentines Day. It's starting already!?!?

Averie, Kempton, and Brenna each had their own Valentines Day party with their friends and classmates. 

The day ended well as Cale and I went on a date, (and I ate a steak I've been craving for a while).  Dates around here aren't commonplace (I don't count work-related dinners) but it's amazing how even a few hours alone as a couple is good for the heart!  We swapped with some friends for babysitting so we didn't break the bank.

I love my kids and husband, and hopefully I show them my love on every other day other than a Hallmark holiday.  It's Valentines Day around here every day! ;)

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